An Uninteresting Interesting Person

I think I am starting to enjoy being single – in some ways at least. The being lonely part sucks, but at least I don’t have to check up with someone constantly to see if they approve of my elaborate plans, or if they are okay with me spending lots of time with my friends. It’s…refreshing.

Last night I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in a year. She’s got her own place now, so we chilled there. It’s so odd having friends with their own place – like their actual own place, not a “rent-a-room” like I had. I also saw two other friends I haven’t seen in forever, and the four of us went out for Chinese food (which I dislike, by the way. I know…I’m like the only human being in the world who dislikes Chinese food).

Today I spent the day at McPout’s planning her Jack and Jill with most of the wedding party. That was fun, and interesting. I’m beginning to get excited! I was sort of dreading it…just because it takes so much planning and thought and detail, and because I’ve never actually been to a Jack and Jill so I don’t really know what that entails. Now I do though, and I’m pumped! Perhaps it’s because they enjoyed my idea of a kissing booth…hehe. 😀

So. I have a confession. I do have a crush on somebody. But he is uninterested…how very surprising. All the guys I crush on are either complete assholes unworthy of my attention OR they actually are good guys, but they just aren’t interested. For an interesting person, I’m not very interesting to the good guys. I don’t know why that is…but I seem to only have immature pricks interested in me. Go figure. Anyways, because I know he isn’t interested, I’m not even going to bother pursuing it. I really have no idea why I mentioned it…probably because it’s on my mind currently. I’m sure I’ll get over it. The next asshole is waiting, just around the corner!


  1. Anonymous

    <![CDATA[Angela; yes so much as happened since you last visited! It’s insane lol. I’ll definitely be updating my feeds, now that I have your new URL 🙂

    Amanda; that’s very true indeed, and it makes sense that I would think otherwise since I haven’t had the right guy LOL 😛

    Lemonade; I sort of thing the next wrong guy is lurking in my shadows, lol. I really don’t think I’m going to find the right guy at this moment, just more frogs to kiss – which I’m ok with :D]]>

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