Out of the Ordinary – Part One

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a few friends on Twitter about the paranormal. I decided to share a few of my “stories” with you guys, and I’m going to write it like a story…so enjoy… Note: this story is “based” on “true” events, although who knows how true those events were? We were just a bunch of crazy bored kids, going through a weird and awkward stage… Everybody goes through that weird stage in high school. Mine was a creepy, obsessed with the supernatural and paranormal stage. I didn’t stalk people or anything like that, but a couple friends and I went through a couple of months where we were totally obsessed with the supernatural and Wicca. JD got the idea first – that it would be cool to be Wiccan and be able to do spells and talk to spirits. We were stupid kids really, we thought that the Wiccan religion was all about saying spells and playing with herbs and all that jazz. Of course it didn’t help that our imaginations were fueled by a series of books called Sweep by Cate Tiernan, and of course movies like The Craft. We wanted to be like the main character in Cate Tiernan’s books (and the main characters in The Craft too I suppose) and one day stumble upon powers that would allow us to have great adventures and make magic, just like they did. We didn’t really research the religion of Wicca, all we knew was that it was based on worshipping the Earth and we thought that was cool. We were shamefully more interested in the whole spells and magic part.


So the three of us (myself, JD and another girl whom we’ll call…Lint) had several sleepovers in which we went online and found spells from websites and attempted to do them. None of them really worked, well…none of them except one. It was called The Honesty Spell. It was supposed to be a spell to make those around you speak the truth…and truthfully, I felt like it didn’t work. JD and Lint felt it did though, and somehow…this spell began to weave them – and me too I suppose – into another world. Around this time we were also experimenting with the Ouija Board another friend gave to me, and Lint was convinced she was talking to her guardian angel, whom a psychic had apparently told her was a guy by the name of Steve who had died in a terrible car crash with his best friend. She had apparently learned of this guardian angel well before we started playing with fire, so to speak. I can’t exactly remember just how it started happening; I’m pretty sure that it all started during lunch break one day. We were in grade nine, and there really wasn’t anything else to do other than this strange make belief game we played. JD was put “under the spell” by Lint (since I was pretty bad at getting people to “go under” and it never really worked on me anyway). JD was suddenly in a completely different realm. She had appeared on a boat in the middle of some sort of dark lake or ocean. There were angry waves all around her and eventually the boat flipped, sending her into the water. JD can’t swim in real life, and she couldn’t in this world either. She sunk further and further to the bottom of the water, and suddenly appeared in an underwater chamber. Over the next few weeks, JD would go under this “honesty spell” several times, and she would return to this underwater chamber of tunnels, rooms and halls. Eventually, she discovered a dungeon area in this underwater chamber of tunnels, and it was there that she ran into a spirit who told her his name was Steve, and three girls who looked exactly like us…but only weren’t us. They were older and their names were Willow, Yren and Dawn. There was also two other guys in this dungeon location. Their names were Kyle and Jeff. These six spirits begged for JD to let them out, and so she did. A mass of strange events followed, months went by and we all became obsessed with this “other realm”. A whole story developed, in which a scary old woman by the name of Margaret chased us around and tried to cause harm to us and the six spirits released. It turns out that the underwater tunnels and dungeon area that JD had released the six spirits from was actually Margaret’s, and she was pissed that we had released those six spirits. By using the honesty spell and Ouija board, we were able to communicate with the six spirits, who told us all about their lives – which were supposed to be our lives. Dawn, Yren and Willow were supposed to be JD, Lint and I. Steve was supposed to be Yren’s boyfriend, Jeff was supposed to be Dawn’s boyfriend, and Kyle was supposed to be my boyfriend. They gave us some clues to the “future” – or at least, their past. One of us was supposed to get pregnant by the time we turned twenty – we all assumed it would be JD somehow (turns out it was me?). One of us was supposed to break off from the others and never speak to anyone again. We were all supposed to die in rather horrible, painful ways. Kyle and Steve were supposed to have died in a car crash, and me in a fire. (Maybe that’s why I don’t like cooking, hardy har har har). At first, I didn’t believe it – heck I’m not even sure if I believe it to this day – I mostly just fueled the flame out of boredom. JD was convinced that I had put up a block on the spell, since it wouldn’t work on me. I just thought – secretly of course – that they were making it all up. Normally, it’s me who makes up the crazy stories. I’ve always been the story teller, so I felt like I had to go along with this crazy plot, even though I didn’t really believe it. But watching JD under this spell on one particular occasion had me seriously questioning my sanity. It was during yet another lunch hour, and we put JD under the “spell” for lack of anything else to do. Margaret finally captured her during this “session”, and brought her back to her little cabin full of strange and torturous tools and magical herbs. She forced JD to sit in the corner. At the time, I held back my skeptical thoughts. Just the weekend before we had watched The Blair Witch Project and it was sounding all too familiar to me, but suddenly JD started to cry out as if she was in extreme pain. When we asked her what was happening, she said that the woman – Margaret – was scratching her right wrist with her long, sharp, rotting nail. We looked to JD’s right wrist and watched as a long scratch appeared on the top of her wrist. JD’s other arm hadn’t moved, and nobody had touched her. Lint and I weren’t the only ones sitting watching JD under this so called spell. A few friends who were also amused by our weirdness were standing by too – and they all saw it. We all watched the long, red, angry scratch slowly appear on the top of our friend’s wrist although no one touched her… …to be continued. Amy’s got a ghost story to share…go check it out.


  1. Ugh, thinking back to that, makes me kind of giggle, I mean this sounds so rediculus and totally unbelievable, but we believed.

    It took over our lives in Grade 9. Wow.

  2. I have had many fucked up situations with Ouija boards. We always managed to get the mean spirits – a friend of mine was thrown across the room one time; another time all of the sharp utensils in our kitchen were dumped all over the floor (this was after the spirit told us he was going to stab our little brothers who were upstairs sleeping). We got out of it by making him so mad that he left – we just kept saying bible verses over and over again. It was the most draining experience of my life – and one of the scariest.

    I’m not sure if I believe or not – but I’m too scared to ever try it out again, just in case.

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of your story!

  3. WOW! I’m very stoked to hear this rest of this! You know, real or not, this would make an awesome teen novel, you know?

    I love this kind of thing. I’m still fascinated by the supernatural.

  4. I’m so glad that you wrote this and I can’t wait for part 2! Its scary yet intoxicating in a weird way. I’m working on my post and hope to have it up sometime next week! Thanks for sharing!

  5. And part 2 is going to be up by the time I’m off work right?


    1. shutter.girl – Haha ya I know eh, it’s like…did that EVEN happen or were we actually crazy? Say, lets do it again! HAHA just kidding! *shivers*

      Sheila – Creepy!! And I know the feeling! I never want to try it again either!

      Karen – Oh you know, wearing cloaks and growing herbs for magical spells and what not…lmfao! And it gets creepier…if that’s possible.

      AmyD – I was thinking that that’s actually one of my [many] novel ideas….I’ve got quite a few of them lmfao.

      Becky – No problem and I can’t wait for your post!

      Sarah – No…not til tomorrow my love!

  6. Thanks for posting that! I write about supernatural/occult stuff too and I enjoy reading about it. ^_^ Can’t wait for part two!

  7. After a rough week I needed an interesting story to read like this, can’t wait to hear more!

    P.S. – too bad this honesty spell doesn’t force someone to tell the truth because I can think of at least one person I would like to use it on.

  8. Blinky St. James – No problem! I enjoyed writing it lol

    Prophet the Rebel – Glad I could help you out! And I know eh? But I wouldn’t try it on anyone! Who knows what it really does lol!

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