Out of the Ordinary – Part Two

Note: This story is “based” on “true” events, although who knows how true those events really were? You be the judge. Now let’s float back to that time…that day…

…”Did that just happen?” I asked, stunned as I stared at JD’s wrist and the scratch that was suddenly there. Silence answered me; everyone was just as speechless as I felt (although even back then I could never truly be completely speechless).

“Snap out of it,” Lint told JD, which was the code words to break someone out of this honesty spell. JD came to and looked down at her wrist, completely mystified as to what was actually going on. Only recently had she started losing her memory, so to speak. She couldn’t ever remember anymore what happened to her during these trips to the other realm – which is why we had taken to asking her questions while she was under the spell.

Someone from the (intensely small) crowd manage to break the silence by saying; “I thought this was supposed to be an honesty spell!”

“We got it on some website,” Lint pointed out. “It could be anything.”

True say, I thought. A murmur of worried confusion went around the small circle of friends that had gathered to watch this recent event. They had all witnessed the scratch appear, and were in shock. The wheels inside my head were turning though, as they always do. I was thinking a million different thoughts. I was remembering a story I had heard once from my friend who gave me the Ouiji board.

“My aunt played this once you know,” she had said just before giving it to me. “Spoke to some spirit from the other realm and didn’t really believe it. When she asked the spirit to prove that he was there, deep scratches appeared all over her back. They were so deep, she was bleeding from them. That’s why I’d never mess with this thing, I’ve seen the scars…”

At the time, I thought she was just kidding…trying to freak me out. It didn’t matter though, I wanted that Ouiji board. So did Lint and JD. The idea of speaking to spirits was thrilling, just as thrilling as the idea of being able to cast magic spells and make the boys we crushed on fall for us. So I took the Ouija board, and we used it at every sleepover we had.

I waited until the next time the three of us were alone to suggest my theories. Our mutual friends already thought we were crazy enough, and I didn’t want them to have any more clause to laugh at us. I knew they only wanted to watch us cast this “spell” because they thought it was entertaining, and a lot of them were freaked out about the whole scratch thing.

“Maybe we unleashed a spirit while playing the Ouija board,” I thought out loud. “And now it’s haunting us in this spell…”

“Who knows, we could have just as easily released some spirit by doing these spells,” Lint answered.

“Let’s look at the facts though…years ago, a psychic tells you that your guardian angel is some guy named Steve who died in a car crash. JD goes under this spell and releases six spirits – one of them named Steve who died in a car crash. Yren, Willow and Dawn are supposed to be us in a few years, and Steve, Kyle and Jeff are supposed to be our boyfriends or whatever…” (at the time, I found it very hard to believe that we would all get boyfriends…especially with the reputation as “freaks” we had earned thanks to our behaviour).


“And it’s just weird is all…” I trailed off, lost in thought. I couldn’t really explain where I was going with any of this.

“I think we should test this spell out on other people…see if they go to the same realm,” JD suggested. Lint was all for the idea, but again…I was skeptical. This shit was crazy and weird, and I didn’t really want anyone thinking we were weirder than they already thought. “I know a few of our friends who want to try it…”

That was true enough, I had already been asked by several friends to be placed under this spell. It was interesting to them, and they wanted to see if it was real.


Over the next few weeks, we tested the spell out on several people. One girl saw a dark hooded figure with long white hair surrounded by dark swirls of mist. This was the woman Margaret that had been lurking in the background of this other realm ever since we started the spell. She never seemed to talk to us though, just chased anyone who went under the spell around and creeped them way out. I never came face to face with her personally, but the thought of her still creeped me out – especially after the whole episode with JD’s wrist. She could clearly cause harm in that world and have it appear in ours.

During one of the sleepovers, we decided to try it out on my little sister and her friend…just to see if someone who didn’t know the background story would see what we saw. My sister’s friend saw a strange yet beautiful flower in the middle of a grassy field. The flower was captivating, and she couldn’t stop looking at it or getting closer to it. She even reached out to touch it, but was shocked when it started to burn her fingertips. She couldn’t seem to pull away though. We made her snap out of it and looked at her fingers, which were pink as if she had touched something hot and gotten a little burn.

Creepy… I thought, not really wanting to try the spell on my little sister at all at this point, but she wanted to see what it was like. My little sister appeared in the same grassy field, only she didn’t see a flower – she saw me, or someone who looked like me anyway. My skin was all burnt, as if I had just been on fire. I was with a guy who had a huge, gaping hole through his stomach in which liquids were slowly oozing out as the two of us walked towards her. My sister said that these two figures were trying to tell her something, but she wasn’t sure what. She starting flailing about and was so scared that I made her snap out of it.

Sometimes, I wonder if those five minutes she spent wherever she went was the underlying cause for her behaviour the last few years. Actually, my older sister mentioned it to me…and it wasn’t that long ago that we had the conversation. It was shortly after McShout moved out to live with her ex-boyfriend, after months of, well, crazy behaviour. This all happened two years after the whole spell ordeal, but still. To this day I regret involving McShout. Stupid move on my part, I know…but at that time – and even now – I’m not sure if I really believed it.

We actually made a couple video tapes of putting people under this spell. We video taped my little sister and her friend, for example, and each other. I destroyed the tapes though…I felt weird having them in my closet. We also took pictures of whoever was under the spell, and orange orbs would always appear somewhere near them in the picture.

Anyways, things were just started getting so weird with the whole honesty spell…people who went under started acting really weird and possessed, and those orange orbs that appeared in pictures got more pronounced and angrier looking. We ended up stopping because we were all more than a little freaked out.

There was some girl in my high school who heard what we were doing and came over to talk to us about it. Apparently, she had had some creepy freaky experiences with the supernatural and magic, and warned us to stop doing the spell. She managed to put a block on it, so that anytime you said the spell nobody would go to this other realm. I can’t remember exactly how she did it, but it worked – or rather, it stopped working…which was the whole point.

We didn’t keep any of the videos we made or the pictures we took. Sure, it would be cool to post them on my blog now…but at the time we thought it would be better if we just got rid of everything. The spell was already blocked, and we didn’t really want the reminders. Although we still thought it would be cool to have magic powers, we were seriously creeped out by the whole situation, and backed very quickly away from the Wicca, the honesty spell, and anything to do with magic or the paranormal.

My Ouija board was hidden in the family room, and I’m pretty sure my mom got rid of it because years later I went to find it – just for curiousity’s sake – and it was gone. I never asked her where it went, because I didn’t want to know. We had some freaky interactions with the Ouija board, and I’ll post more weird and random Ouija board stories at a later time – this one was more about the spell. Stay tuned for Ouija board stories, if you didn’t get enough weirdness from me the last two posts.

Ever since we messed around with magic and the Ouija board, several pictures I’m in have orbs. Many people believe that orbs are spirits caught in a picture with you…but I don’t know if that’s true. All I know is that I – personally – am lucky. I haven’t had the feeling of something dark and sinister lurking in the shadows, even if I do get orbs in my pictures sometimes. These orbs are always clear and white – which apparently means pure. Maybe it’s because I never actually went under this so called honesty spell, but whatever the reason…I’m glad. We messed with a lot of crazy things that year, and who knows if any of it was actually real or not…and we don’t really want to redo it all and find out.

One thing is for certain though, you should never mess with the unknown…there is a reason why it’s unknown…

The End.
[or at least…we hope so]


  1. Rockerchick

    Wow that is totally scary. I should tell you my story about the paranormal. So I was living with my boyfriend at the time and his mother and sister came over for dinner one night and somehow the topic of ghosts came up. They told me that my boyfriend had an “uncle” of sorts that followed him around and made sure that no harm came to him. I was a non believer at this point so I laughed it off and they all left. My boyfriend was working nights at this time so I was all alone in the house and I headed to bed. I was peacefully sleeping when I felt something shove me really hard from behind. I sat up in bed expecting to see my boyfriend but no one was there. I fell asleep again and this time it was like someone slapped my face and I heard “GET UP”. By this time I was terrified and got up and I smelled something burning. Turns out something caught fire in the laundry room and my boyfriend’s “uncle” woke me up so that I didn’t burn to death.

  2. You are freaking me OUT! Those orbs have appeared in pictures of our new house which happens to be close to a graveyard. BAHHHH! You KNOW how I get scared about stuff like this!

  3. When my parents were newlyweds they bought the family home from my dad’s mom. They moved in and found a Ouija board in a closet. They were holy rollers back then and got upset about it and threw it out. But it kept reappearing in the closet. Seriously. I think they finally burned it in the back yard or something.

  4. RubyTuesday

    Well with the orb thing- remember that sometimes, esp. if the flash is on- that it could just be dust or bugs reflecting off the light. (just saying, ya know, b/c then you start seeing orbs everywhere! haha)

    I’m from New Orleans and I used to work as a tour guide for a plantation (the same plantation that Interview with a Vampire was filmed- where they are at the party and Brad Pitt eats the dogs?) and I saw things there that I can just not explain. I had to dress in costume and I think they were more attracted- but I’d get locked out of rooms that couldn’t be locked, see things at night, and was touched. Kids seemed to be the most effected- this little girl in a school group I was working with refused to play with the toys b/c “they” were in them. Yeah thats pretty eff-ed up!

  5. Wow, that’s amazingly creepy! Really interesting to think about, but I know I wouldn’t want to be there to find out more… I’ve had experiences, but nothing really creepy like that. I’ve just seen figures and stuff. 😛

  6. RockerChick – That is REALLY creepy! I’ve been shaken awake before too…that post will go up Sunday 🙂 Thankfully, some spirits are helpful 😉

    Karen – Are they white/pure? Or orange? Because white/pure is okay lol. And living near a graveyard can be fun, Kiwi’s old house was very haunted and she’d often have a man from the early 1900s come into her bedroom and sit on her bed 🙂 At least you won’t have to hire a babysitter? Just kidding…I’m sure it’ll be fine!

    AmyD – I think I remember what happened to the Ouija board now that you told me that story; I gave it to Lint because I knew you can’t throw them out and to get rid of it, you have to either give it away to someone who actually wants it or burn it. That’s freaky eh?

    RubyTuesday – That’s what we kept in mind, but we tested it by taking the flash off and clearing the lenses. Children are apparently more sensitive to the unknown, because they aren’t skeptical yet. That’s why if my kid ever says something along the lines of “there’s a mean lady sitting on my bed and she won’t let me sleep,” we’ll move. 😀

    Blinky St. James – I don’t want to find out again either! lol!

  7. It was a good story Missy! I liked it, write on, write on.

  8. You just reminded me of what a lady I work with told me a few weeks ago. No matter how soundly I am sleeping, every single night I wake up somewhere around 3:00 p.m.. Even if I am extremely tired, I am woken up randomly near that time and I just feel awake (even if I feel tired, if that makes sense). I was talking about this because it is annoying that I can’t get a good night’s sleep ever, and she said that it was probably spirits visiting me because that’s when they are most active (around that time of night). She asked if I had been very close to anyone who had died, and I really haven’t (fortunately). She asked how long this has been going on, and to be honest, it’s been going on for years. She nodded and said, “Ah, you’re a receptive, then. You should either listen to them or tell them you need to sleep and to go away.”

    That night when it happened (as it always does), I was a bit freaked out (middle of the night, half asleep, pitch dark, etc.) and was having a hard time getting out of bed even to go to the bathroom. I’m better now, although I’m still waking up in the middle of the night every night. Grrr.

  9. Freaky. I am so addicted to ghost stories and paranormal things. Its crazy how hard we try to rationalize what we see or hear when we can’t explain something. Thanks for sharing part 2!

  10. Wics

    man thats creepy. i am however don’t try any spells unless i know what they are really for, considering I know bad things can happen out of them. However also good things too ^^. (yesh ims am pagansssssssss *does evil witch cackle 😛 )

  11. Elizabeth – Bahaha 😉 your experiences are wicked awesome fun to read!

    Sarah – Thank you 😀 hehe

    Jess – I used to wake up at that time all the time too, and I read online you ask them to either go away or tell them what they want…I told them to go away because I’m chicken shit like that 😀 hehe

    Becky – It is really crazy, like when all that was happening I was like “OMG,” and now I’m just like…there HAS to be an explanation. But there isn’t, so it’s weird! And no problem 😀

    Wics – We were very, VERY stupid messing with things we didn’t understand, I’m glad you don’t try any spells unless you know what they’re really for. And good for you! I STILL find Paganism and Wicca insanely interesting, even after all those experiences hehe

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