The Wedding: Part Three; Waterfront Photos

I literally hadn’t chosen our wedding photo location until after the ceremony. I was thinking of the waterfront, but Mandy really wanted to take at least some of our photos at the old train covered in graffiti. We had to basically play it by ear and see what the time frame and weather was like {since they were calling for rain}. We took too long chatting with everyone after the ceremony, so we could only choose one location…and I picked the waterfront because I knew if it did start pouring out I had a better chance of not destroying my dress {the graffiti train is behind the bus station in a kind of gravel/dirt area, just imagine that getting wet with me in my ivory dress…it wouldn’t have been nice}. BUT, looking back we so could have gotten a few photos there {had we had the time, that is} as the rain didn’t stick around for long. As it was, we didn’t have the time πŸ™

Anyway, Mandy got tons of amazing shots at the waterfront, so all was good! I love the above edited photo she did; it looks like a painting!

Mandy did an amazing job on all of the photos! Here are the ones of just Matt & I:

And now for the entire bridal party:

And just the girls…

{Mandy took more photos of just the girls from Nat’s house…I’ll add them when she’s done with them.}

The collage Mandy made of all the guy photos she took…AMAZING! I love how it tells a story!

And I got a couple pictures with my parents, too, but then it started to rain and I didn’t want my hair and dress to get wet. πŸ™

After I decided that the rain had put a damper on our photoshoot and we might as well go set up for the reception, we all piled up into three separate cars. Matt went with the best man to drop off our important marriage documentation and pick up the gifts he bought for the guys ~ which he forgot to give them before the ceremony, I went with Nat, Darren, Tyler, Kody and Nic’s girlfriend, Melissa and my sisters all went with my parents directly to the hall. Our van took a quick detour though, since we were all starving…

You probably have heard me declare that I wanted McDonalds on my wedding day. Several people told me we wouldn’t have the time, and I wouldn’t even want it. Oh, I wanted it, and we made the time. Poor Mandy and her mom followed us all the way through the drive through, they were probably laughing their asses off at us the entire time! It was pretty funny. Darren {who was driving} got some funny looks thanks to his top hat…I don’t think I was seen by anyone. But YES, I did it…I got McDonalds on my wedding day! SCORE!

And thus concludes part three, Waterfront Photos. Next up; the dinner {which I don’t have a lot of photos of} and reception!

Please Note: These photos were taken by and edited by Mandy Getschman, please do not steal. If you’d like to use them for some purpose, please email myself and/or Mandy {Mandy’s email is AudeSapere62442 AT hotmail DOT com, and you can find my email address in the sidebar there.


  1. hahha i already told you that i loved the pics… specially the groomsmen, matt had a great idea with the top hats… too bad you didn’t have time to do the photoshoot… (here some people buy the suits -or rent them again- and make the shoot another day, after the wedding day… but considering how most of your wedding party and photographer were in the city visiting, i see the difficulty in doing so…)

    beautiful wedding… love that dress!! it was not at all what i had pictured you in, but still it screams “jess”….

  2. Shruthi

    lovely pictures. the groomsmen and the bridesmaids are so goodlooking. As are the couple that got married… I only with Nolan was in some of the pictures in his tux πŸ™‚
    Lovely shoot and your friend has done an amazing job with this… as for McD, WHOO!!!


    1. Nolan had to nap sadly, he was so exhausted he wouldn’t have been in good spirits for the photos had we forced him to come along. Mandy certainly has done amazingly, she’s going to have a booming career in wedding photography!!! That’s for SURE!

      P.S. McDonalds rocks πŸ˜‰

  3. Litzia

    The Mc Donalds pic its awesome!!!


  4. lmfao.
    The McD’s picture is amazing. I can’t get over that, I basically love it.
    Large fry and a cheeseburger? ahaha! Oh I love you.


  5. DUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!! just getting caught up and OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i gotta go back and look more and more and more….


  6. Wow, gorgeous. Everything was just gorgeous. You as a bride? Breathtaking.


    Congratulations. I wish you guys all the happiness in the world.

  7. Blaine

    Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck. We had the same thing as you, our photos were cut slightly short due to the rain. πŸ˜€

    Beautiful shots, yet again. Love the McD’s pic. lol


  8. What nice pics you got! So pretty πŸ™‚

    As for McDonalds… our reception was the 12 of us at a restaurant for lunch, but we hit the liquor store in our wedding duds right after lunch!

  9. maribe

    Oh WOW. Amazing. =)
    Me and my husband got married in our little courthouse a few years ago but on our 5 year anniv. we want to do a little wedding with a big dress and a big dance party and your husband’s tux is exactly what my husband wants to wear. Amazing. Congratulations. I wish you a life time of happiness.


  10. Hahaha, it is now my personal goal to go through drive-thru after my wedding!

    Love the waterfront photos! <3


  11. Wow! These are gorgeous photos!! Mandy is really talented!! The McDonald’s one is hilarious. HA HA! It must have been fun to take pictures on the waterfront.


  12. Loves it! What the bride wants the bride shall get. I personally am an Arby’s girl…I could definitely see myself demanding a regular roast beef sandwich but I think I’ll skip the Arby’s sauce. I’m a total clutz and that would just be asking for it.


    1. LOL! I just can’t believe that I joked about going, and ended up going! Haha. If only we had gone inside…I would have if Matt was with me, but he traveled in a different car because he had to go back to the house and pick up his gifts for the guys!


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