According to my BlackBerry {7}

Note: totally forgot to publish this four days ago. Oopps?

The BlackBerry does not lie folks, it’s rather shameful to admit. I took so many pictures the past few days that I’m not even going to edit them or write my little “tbc” thing on it. I’m that lazy. You’re welcome.

So, yes, carrying on…

According to my BlackBerry:

…Nolan loves wearing his Daddy’s hats. & also; I need to invest in a livingroom blanket that matches…FUGLY ALERT!

…the boy knows how to kick back & chill.

Nolan has such a hard time moving around in his snow suit, and I love it. bahha

T & I baked chocolate chip cookies

Which Nolan was all over…yum!

Sexy Hubs has been more than a little exhausted between work, school, gym, and home life!

I’ve gotten dressed and done my hair/makeup every day this week. And also; I hold my arm at weird angles because I’m super cool like that.

Nolan has also been getting dressed every day, no more lazy PJ days for us. Note the super cute Buzz Lightyear outfit…LOVE

I’ve been attacked with kisses and love several times this week and I love it.

Nolan waited up basically every night this week to see his Daddy after work <3

I learned that wearing Flirty Aprons really does make mundane chores fun.

I got to spend every day this week studying this beautiful child and wondering how on earth I got so lucky.

I was reminded that blue jeans and gray shirts totally kill your ovaries on baby boys.

I was reminded that you can totally plunk your toddler down in the snow and have them not move for at least 5 minutes. Mostly because they can’t, because they’re stuck. It’s awesome.

Plaid also kiss my ovaries. LOVE

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  1. So funny.
    Landon has NO idea what to do in the snow. He just stands there stunned. And not moving because the snow pants and winter boots make it hard to walk. It’s hilarious. Until he gets pissed off that is.


    1. Nolan is the same way! He gets so mad when I plunk him down in a huge pile of it. Unfortunately that’s ALL there is around here! Huge piles of snow! So he also gets pissed lol


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