Blog Dare {1.21.11}

Today’s writing prompt for Blog Dare: what I fear most for my child{ren}.

What I fear most for my child{ren}. The list is endless. I fear illness, I fear that I’ll fail him {and in the future, them} in some way shape or form. I fear that this world will just keep getting worse and more dangerous. I fear kidnappers and I fear razor blades in apples at Halloween. I fear any disappointment that he {they?} may encounter. I fear future heartbreaks.

I fear that I won’t be able to protect him {them?} from harm.

As a parent, I don’t think I’m alone in fearing basically everything that I can’t predict.

But I keep these fears to myself, I don’t project them onto my child. The last thing I want is to be the overbearing parent that bubbles their child{ren}.

What do you fear most for your child{ren}?

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  1. I think the last thing you need to fear is failing your child. You are a very good mother from what I can see. Everything else I can understand your fears, I have the same ones. It’s in these types of situations that I am hating I am out of control.


  2. By having my daughter later in life, 33, sometimes I fear not being around for major milestones in life. Not to seem morbid, but life is so uncertain. I combat this fear by eating right, exercising and taking good care of myself.


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