Blog Dare {1.25.11}

Today’s Blog Dare prompt: Reality Television.

I have a love/hate relationship with reality television – I love to hate it! Reality television is a guilty pleasure of mine, and my husband’s too! We both love to tune in to Jersey Shore and the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom shows. Those are really the only ones we watch, but we do watch them rather religiously.

I used to hate watching reality TV, mainly because it’s so scripted and so not reality. But who doesn’t love to veg out and watch mindless, drama filled crap? The people on Jersey Shore crack me up with their dramas and their partying it up lifestyle. I used to hate Jersey Shore, but my husband got me into it. Yup, you heard me right…my husband. The whole point of this show {and reality TV for that matter} is that there is no point. You just can’t help but watch and laugh at them. As for the 16 and Pregnant shows and their spin offs, Teen Mom…I don’t really have an explanation. Those shows irritate me to know end: especially Teen Mom 2 right now. They are completely unrealistic and they don’t really focus on anything important. They don’t show the girls’ actually struggling with money. MTV would rather just focus on the foolish mistakes and the petty dramas. And dating. Which is all fine and dandy because it’s not an actual documentary, so obviously it doesn’t have to be 100% real. And most of it {custody battles, relationship problems, high school etc} are real, but obviously everything is exaggerated. I also like to watch how the girls’ grow as mothers, I like seeing how much they’ve changed {and if they’ve changed} from their 16 and Pregnant episodes.

In the case of Teen Mom {the first one}, I grew fond of the girls’ and their lives. I loved watching Maci and Bentley – Bentley is so adorable! And Farrah…oh Farrah. She may not have been the brightest one of them all, but she did grow a lot. I can’t say anything for Amber because I dislike her as much as you can dislike someone you’ve never met before, and watching Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship and lives develop after giving their baby up for adoption was interesting.

Jersey Shore night is always a riot. My sister’s and I Facebook each other saying “CABS HERE!” and “IT’S T-SHIRT TIME!”, and we laugh about the episode the entire time it’s on {anyone down for pulling a Snooki and getting crunk in broad daylight on the beach?! WEE!} It’s just fun!

At the same time…as much as I love watching those shows…reality TV does make me want to bang my head against the wall. Sometimes, it’s just so dramatic and overwhelming that I just can’t take it. On those days, I just don’t tune in!

So, do you love or hate reality TV? Tell me why!

Also, if you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan, read my thoughts on the season premiere!

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  1. I hated Jersey Shore at one point, but then I sat there and while nothing was on tv (I was pregnant, and had nothing better to watch while at my parents house) I watched a marathon on MTV. Since we never used to get the channel I never got into, we upgraded and now I watch it every time it’s on. An hour, is not long enough for that show. lol.
    And I do watch (again, now because we have MTV) Teen Mom 2 and it has me wanting to punch my tv at times, and at others, I ball my eyes out. I cry. lol.


    1. I know! You feel a connection with those moms, because you’re a mom too, and a lot of the time you either wanna reach out a hand, bitch slap them across the face OR help them OR congratulate them for doing something right.

      As for J-shore, it’s one of those shows that takes a little…getting used to?


  2. I’m a reality tv junkie. And I mean the worst of the worst. I have all the Flavor of Love seasons box sets. How embarrassing! As you already know I’m also addicted to 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and Jersey Shore. I’m starting to get into I Used To Be Fat As Well. I think I most enjoy Teen Mom 1 and 2 for yelling at the tv purposes.

    I was once a Jon & Kate Plus 8 addict too. I tried filling that void with 19 Kids & Counting but there just isn’t enough petty drama . And then I watch a few shows that are kind of reality television but not exactly the same thing (A Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, Make Room For Multiples, Til Debt Do Us Part, Newly Wed Nearly Dead, Four Weddings, Say Yes To The Dress, Nanny 911, Supernanny and Crash Test Mommy.


    1. Love the Newly Wed Nearly Dead, and I used to be a Jon & Kate Plus 8 addict as well. Raising Sextuplets was a nice replacement, although I’m not as addicted to it. {Since it kinda feels “done” before}. I also love the Property Virgins and House Hunters lol.


  3. You know, most of the shows I watch are shows I don’t HAVE to follow. Like I have to follow Teen Mom and Jersey Shore but all the rest are shows that feature different people each time. You can tell my kids own the tv.


    1. That’s a major part of the appeal for me, although I do like watching Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy, and Vampire Diaries.

      But, I don’t watch them all the time. I’ll go online and watch shows or something, when I have time.


      1. I watch so much stuff online too.

        I actually do like Raising Sextuplets but they are only on that Twist channel and I don’t get it 🙁

  4. Vicky

    One of the girls, I think it was Leah, let it slip at a court appearance that MTV pays her something like $148,000 each year she is on the show. So yeh, they don’t have to struggle with money like the rest of us.


  5. Hi!!
    I love reality shows. And I prefer them with an extra helping of drama. So I love Jersey Shore, RHo Atlanta, Bad Girls Club, etc. You know, shows that make my brain want to melt out of my ears. I can’t get enough!


    1. Heh! I also enjoy a good brain melting out of my ears now and then 😉 there are some nights when I can’t handle it {probably due to too much drama in my OWN life} but most of the time, I’m good to go 😉

      My hubs can’t get enough of “Swamp People” right now, TOTALLY creeps me out lol!


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