But there really IS a 6 pack under these rolls!

Matt has been tossing the “G” word around.


He wants us to get a gym membership. Together. Not because he thinks I’m fat or anything, but because I’ve often expressed my frustration with my post-baby stomach.

Before pregnancy, I had what I like to fondly refer to as “effortless abs”. I didn’t do anything, and I had rock hard abs – despite the fact that I used to stuff my face full of McDonald’s and Dominos cheesy bread on the daily. Yes, hate pre-baby me, I sure as shit do now. Then I got pregnant, and WHAM. Now I have a flabby post-baby belly that I am too lazy to do anything about – other than bitch.

My stomach today.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I have cut a lot of crap out of my diet, and I’m drinking way more water. But I’m not exercising. Winter is making it pretty damn hard to leave my couch. I do get out 4 times a week for sure – when I take J down to her bus stop with T and usually Nolan {except for Tuesdays, when Matt is home in the morning, then Nolan gets to miss out on the walk and sleep in. Lucky kid}.

I think part of my issue is that I don’t know how to exercise. Seriously, I’ve never exercised a day in my life and unfortunately, that is not an exaggeration.

So anyway, back to Matt. He brought home some pamphlets from a gym in town and I was reading up on the classes. I’ve gotta say…I’m deeply interested in taking some classes. I think it would be totally awesome to take a yoga, tai chi, or Pilates class or two. Of course, my social anxiety is a barrier right now. The idea of going to work out classes which a bunch of different people is totally scaring the crap out of me.

But I was all ya! Self improvement FTW! a couple of months ago, so I really don’t want that to be my excuse.

Money could be a factor, but Matt is animate that you can’t pay too much for good health. He also added that they have a dietitian that helps you work out a meal plan to get on the right track with eating healthy – I could totally use that, because I am clueless when it comes to “healthy eating” and everything I cook contains a lot of carbs and other not-so-fantastic stuff.

So…I’m on the fence about this. Especially since I totally want to hoard every last penny we have after bills for my ridiculous Ikea shopping trip in April.

But…I would honestly love to have more energy, and it’s a proven fact that working out and exercising gives you more energy. Maybe not at first, maybe not right away but it eventually does. I love the idea of attending a couple of classes each week to help with my stress levels {I hear yoga is great for that}, and I’d totally love a rockin’ bod for this summer. Toned ass, stomach, and thighs?! YES PLEASE! I’d be hitting up the beach daily, regardless of my scars because people would be all like “look at how toned she is! Her body rocks!”

Erm. So, yes. I’m on the fence about it.

But I think we’re going to do it; since Matt is totally for it. Hold me while I shiver in a corner and cry with fear.

P.S. Here are some cute photos of Nolan from today, because I know that’s what y’all keep coming back for. 😉

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  1. We have a Wii so I just use the Wii fit; when I actually exercise. Give today and the results I’m waiting on, I might have to start using it more regularly. Though it’s nothing like working at a gym, so my guess is you wouldn’t get the same results.


    1. LOL! I would love to buy a Wii, just for that reason. But I really think I would enjoy getting out of the house for some of those bodyflow classes, AND it might give me more motivation to continue exercising?


  2. I haven’t been slim since high school. But shortly before getting pregnant with Landon I lost 30lbs which put me at around the 150lbs mark. After delivering him I lost almost all of my baby weight. After having Hannah I lost all my baby weight and then some (with 2 kids under 2 you just don’t have the time to eat as much). Nevertheless, I HATE how mushy I am. Even when I was at my heaviest (190lbs) a few years before I had Landon, the fat was still kind of firm. Now I just have this…stomach that kind of reminds me of Adam Sandler’s in the movie “Click.” He can play with it and make it do things. YUCK!

    I started going to the gym in November. I am DETERMINED to love my wedding photos. I don’t want to look at them all and think “EW I’M SO FAT.” Anyways, long story short…I love it. It’s a great stress reliever and it makes you feel better about yourself from day 1 of going. I highly recommend it.

    A lot of gyms will give you a walk through and show you how to use the equipment you’re interested in. I personally love to use the elliptical for my cardio. My hips are wrote off from having the two babes and after 5 minutes on the threadmill I’m in serious pain from the impact of my feet slamming down. But I can do the elliptical with no hip pain whatsoever. I break a great sweat though and sweat is good! You can also adjust the incline on an elliptical just like you can on a threadmill. An added bonus that you get with an elliptical is having the ability to adjust the resistance on the machine as well.

    Sorry this is so long. Best of luck!


    1. I would love to feel good again! Stop swaying me to take money out of my Ikea fund LOL! Just kidding. we’re so doing it! Bah. Can’t wait to write about all my misadventures working out bahaha.


  3. i tried out a few yoga and pilates classes with my mum, but honestly, i couldn’t get into it. i’d get super distracted and so i wouldn’t even work out the muscles i was supposed to, and then i would just focus on NOT farting in every position my instructor would put us in. apparently i’m too immature for yoga?

    i did a couple of body fit classes at the gym with a friend, but i HATED the gym. it’s too big and everyone stares and those classes have over 30 people in them sometimes. again, i got my sweat on, and i was feeling great, but i absolutely dreaded going every time.

    i’m considering getting a gym membership at a small local gym by my place. it’s very small, has only a few machines, and it’s never busy. now that’s my kind of gym. orrrr i might not because i’m lazy? i have weights and fitness videos at home, so i COULD just suck it up and do it at home, but my issue is motivation.

    that’s where fit chicks bootcamp comes in. i did a trial for a month – 2 classes per week. it was winter, so it took place inside (in the rec room at the old folks’ home actually), and i instantly fell in love. it’s one hour per class, two classes per week. 10 minutes of warm up and stretching, 40 minutes of INSANE workout, and 10 minutes of stretching at the end. after the first class i couldn’t walk for a week, but by the second one i was so stoked. i was feeling amazing and energized and less lethargic. i only had 5 classes, and i evened out all of my measurements and started losing a little. that’s CRAZY. and what i loved was that we were never more than maybe 10-15 girls per class. we had the same instructor every time, and all the same girls were there every week. it does cost more (or about the same as a gym membership would, considering it’s twice a week, and the classes are more intense than anything, but i can’t recommend it enough.

    i didn’t even have a baby, and you have a better belly than i do! i was the same- i did no excercise, i ate total shit, and i was TINY. but adulthood caught up with me, and so did the years of beer-bonging, and now i have panic attacks when i have to leave my house. i’m not fat- but i’m not skinny either, and it’s been a huge toll on my self-confidence. so no matter what, i’m taking bootcamp again in april, only this time it’s going to be outside in the fresh air, and i’m going to stick to it for a few months ,even if money is tight. because matt’s right- you can’t put a price on good health.

    not only that, but i NEED to look hot in my gold bikini again… before i punch my own reflection.

    LET’S HAVE A BEACH DATE THIS SUMMER! it’ll force both of us to look like babes. deal? DEAL.



    1. HAH! Way to unmotivate me Elle! I could never look like a babe beside you lol! {just kidding – about the unmotivate part}

      I would love to do boot camp but I think it’s too intense for me to just start out with. I have to ease into it or I’ll over work myself and end up in bed for weeks. It won’t be pretty!

      I’ll have to give the gym a trial and see what I think of it…I don’t THINK it will be too busy, they have tons of classes and different times etc.

      Matt wants a membership here because the other gyms don’t have all the equipment he wants and needs for his workout routine, and it’s cheaper to get a “couples package” or whateves.

      Exercise is SCARY lol


    2. “then i would just focus on NOT farting in every position my instructor would put us in”

      made my day.


  4. I am not at all a gym person, but my friend works at a Goodlife Fitness place in the daycare and before she worked there she volunteered there because if she volunteered something like a couple of hours a week (and she could bring her own kids when she did that) then she got a free membership. If you have a Goodlife gym in your area it might be a way to save money and get your membership for free. Just thought I’d pass that on.


    1. I would totally do that, except my “window of time” is pretty low, what with work etc. So the “Extra” time that I do have is basically where I’m trying to fit in everything else PLUS maybe working out 🙁

      It’s a good suggestion though!

  5. Litzia

    Its a great idea! go for it, i love doing exercise and of course you will feel more energized 🙂


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