Dear time; please slow down, just a little

The funny thing about time, is that you don’t really realize how fast it’s passing you by until you stop to think about it. I can remember feeling a hell of a lot different about time when I was younger. It was taking forever to get to “the good stuff”. I couldn’t wait to finish high school and be in college. I couldn’t wait to have my own place and my own rules. And time was cruel because it slowly tinkered by, painfully even.

Now, time is cruel in a different way. It’s spinning by so quickly I can barely grasp at it. It feels like January just began, yet we’re in the middle of it.

Time is one of the reasons why I consider myself to be very lucky to be a stay-at-home mom. If time feels like it’s billowing by for me, despite the fact that I’m home every day with my son, how must it feel for those of you who don’t get to stay home?

They are only this age once. I’m so glad I get to stay home with him, to cherish every moment of this age – of every age. I’m so glad I get to teach him and learn with him, and yes…from him because Nolan has a lot to teach. He’s such a hilarious little man, and he fills my every day with complete happiness.

Today, Matt and I had a chuckle over Nolan’s attitude. Matt was in the kitchen, grabbing something to eat and Nolan decided that he wanted a danish so he stood at the baby gate and pointed to the table {where the danishes were}.

“If you want a danish, you’ll have to go in your high chair,” I told him. But Matt decided to sneak him a small bite of a danish that he was eating, in “secret”.

Nolan, however, isn’t very good at keeping secrets so he bounced over to me with the danish in his mouth and said; “MMMMMM!” in a ridiculously exaggerated tone, with an expression that clearly said haha mom, I’m eating a danish and I’m not in my chair!

Then he waddled off, danish gone, before I could rectify the situation and place him in his high chair.

{Don’t worry, Matt got a stern talking to for sneaking him food in the livingroom}.

But the attitude, the “haha mom! I’m doing it anyway!”

In a week, my little boy will be 21 months. Shannon laughs when I say that Nolan is “20 months”, and she wonders why I can’t just say one. I can say one, in fact now I barely think of his age in terms of months…except for when I think about time, and how fast it’s passing by. To emphasize this quickness, it makes more sense to say his age in months, because if I told you he was just going to be “one and a half” or “nearly two” you wouldn’t really catch my drift, would you? Or maybe you would and I’m just carrying on like a crazy person.

Point is, time is kind of kicking my ass by passing by so quickly. One day I’m all like jeebus it’s taking forever for this day to end and then, suddenly, 2 weeks go by.

Anybody else have this ailment? This sensation that time is passing way to freakin’ quickly?

Dear time; please slow down, just a little. I’m not sure I’m ready to accept the fact that I have a full fledged toddler now, cause, you know…this was yesterday.


I love the little man that my baby is growing into, but I am mourning the fact that I know he’s leaving his “baby days” far behind him. This age is incredible and beautiful and I love it, but he’s just growing up way to fast and I wish the days would stop zooming past us.

Just a little slower, father time?

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  1. It is so weird you mention your friend saying “why can’t you just say one?”
    Tonight, we were visiting family for my cousin’s birthday. My uncle asked me, “how old is Landon?” and I said, “he’s 20 months old.” Then my mom *corrected* me for lack of a better word with “he’s almost two.” She meant nothing by it other than to give my uncle a better concept of Landon’s age. To me each month deserves its reference! Maybe that’s slightly obsessive compulsive but I don’t think I can handle referring to either of my childrens’ ages without saying the number of months old they are until after 24 months. When I think of my child as 2 or 3 or 4 (omg), I tend to associate it with him no longer being a baby. And I’m just not ready to let go of that title yet.


    1. I’m the same way – each month deserves its reference. Although since my sister laughed about it, I’ve sort of kept the month age thing to myself LOL. I thought I was “alone” in counting by month.

      I’m also not ready to let go of the baby title!


  2. It’s so true… I’m not a SAHM, and I DO feel like time gets away from me often. Our weeks go by so quickly and we always have lots to do. But then I try to slow down and just do something fun with just my son and me. Look at Nolan! Aww… so cute!


  3. Time does go by so quickly. My son is 7, almost 8, and it is already hard to go back and remember alot of the day to day things when he was an infant. I can scarcely remember those first few days at home with a newborn. This is why I take so many pictures and video. Escpecially since he is my only one, I there won’t be another baby around for a long time (until I’m a grandmother).

    Even now, on the weekends that my son spends with his father, I swear he comes home taller and older. I always wonder what first or exciting things I missed while he was there. And that is only 3 days.

    Enjoy the time you spend with him. You are lucky to be a SAHM with him!


  4. oh my god! that picture of you and nolan when he was just a baby, even you look way younger and that was only 20 months ago! you both have grown a hell of a lot. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again… nolan is such a little ham! i love that face!


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