Dreaming of the day…

…that we can buy these lovely things for our home:

Ikea Stornas/Kaustby table & chairs

Ikea Malm 6-drawer Chest {for Nolan’s bedroom}

Ikea Sugar Bowl & Cream Pitcher

Basically, we’re saving like mad for the next 2 months and then we’re going to get all the things on our Ikea wishlist {including the Hemnes dresser and night stand I’ve been eying forever, some toddler dishes, flatware and “training cups”, and finally…those wickedly awesome “smock” bibs that Nolan currently has. He’s growing out of the ones he has fast}.

It’s going to be a super big purchase that will probably cause me a lot of physical and emotional torment, but…we do need {most} of the stuff on our list. Our current table is falling apart, and the chairs belong to Matt’s dad. He’s going to want them back this spring because he’s building a cottage and he wants his chairs there. I really wanted to get a table that we both liked a lot, and that fit us. Then I stumbled across THIS one. I know I said I was going to make a table, but I think I’m going to reserve that for when we have our own house with a huge kitchen. Then I can build a super long table 🙂

And I’ve been holding off, waiting patiently to get my dresser and night table {that matches Matt’s dresser and our bed}. Nolan needs a bigger, more kid/teen like dresser {since his drawers in his current baby dresser are overflowing}. The sugar bowl and cream pitcher are just tossed in there because…why not? I don’t like our current ones, and if we are making a trip to Ikea we might as well make it worth the while.

Basically, this is our birthday presents and Christmas presents to each other for the next bazillion years.

🙂 I can’t wait for April!

{well, I can…because then I’ll have a two-year old but I’m not ready to face that yet, thank you very much}.

Speaking of toddlers and stuff…at the beginning of February we’ve decided to purchase Nolan a toddler bed and “re-do” his bedroom. Don’t worry, we’re not going to break the bank on that one until he’s like 5. I’ve picked out a Disney Cars bedding set that is pretty cute, and more importantly…I know Nolan will adore it. I’m going to save all of the Zanzibar nursery theme…but I don’t want to buy the kids bedding because it’s pretty damn hard to find. Nor do I want to invest in the Robo Bedding from The Land of Nod just yet. After all, it’s for a twin sized bed and Nolan will just be going into a toddler bed. I also want to wait until he’s older so he can have some say in what we pick for his bedroom. For all I know, he might hate the Robo Bedding set and want trains, or cars or footballs.

So, for now…the Cars bed-in-a-bag at Sears will do just fine 🙂

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  1. My mom gifted me that pitcher and sugar bowl! Unfortunately I lost the bowl in the move… but I love the pitcher. Ikea has some really nice stuff.


    1. I love them! And Ikea totally does. I’m sort of afraid to go there…I know our shopping list is HUGE now, but I just know I’ll add to it when I’m there LOL!


  2. Landon’s entire bedroom is done in Cars theme. He’s already in his toddler bed. Something tells me that based on the way we both think Nolan’s going to end up in the same toddler bed 😉

    I’ve given up on being able to afford nice furniture for a while. We just can’t afford it until I’ve been back to work for a few months. And that’s not happening any time soon.


    1. Matt would LOVE me to buy an actual Car toddler bed but I just can’t justify spending THAT much money! $300 for the toddler bed alone, crazy huh? I was thinking about the Cars inspired bed from Walmart though – which is the one you have? I might go with that only because it’s $50 less and every penny is important! Plus I like it and it’s very low to the ground!



      1. That’s the one we’re gonna go with! BAHA! I like the price on it, and Matt doesn’t want to break the bank on a toddler bed. We’re saving for his “kid room” furniture now.

  3. Colleen

    Really check out that dresser — the bottoms are paper thin. We had them, and you could barely put any clothes in them before they started to sag and break. Maybe they are constructed better than when we had them, but they didn’t last but a few years.


    1. Which dresser? The Hemnes one or the Malm one? We have the Hemnes one and have had absolutely no issues with it {other than they drilled holes in the wrong spot on ONE of the drawers}. It holds my husband’s heavy jeans, work clothes, an old laptop etc quite fine…however if you’re talking about the Malm one I really couldn’t say because we haven’t had one of those yet.


  4. GOD! i love ikea…

    there are a few things i need to get for the new place, and i can’t wait! hopefully i can do that with my next paycheque, or the one after. eeep! i love buying furniture.

    and i can’t wait to see the new nursery tour (;)) once nolan’s in his big boy bed! and it may not be a car bed, but at least the cars theme might be good enough for matt :p

    i can’t wait for you to save up and buy all this stuff, just make sure there’s enough to come see ME! hahaha.



    1. I also love Ikea!!!

      You are one lucky son of a bitch for living around the corner from an Ikea lmao. I’m seriously green with envy.

      I also can’t wait to visit you in the new place! How many more days?! hehe


  5. Colleen

    The Malm dresser. Looks great, but the drawer bottoms are very, very thin.


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