Feels like home to me

Sometimes, I stay up too late just sitting in our livingroom, looking at the pieces of furniture and the pictures on the wall. I wander about, looking at things and touching them gently, marveling at the life we’ve built and are building. To me, it’s not just sticks of furniture, it’s a place of gathering. I dream of the day when we can fill our space with new furniture, and truly make it us. But for now, the secondhand futon and couch are perfect.

Sometimes, on those nights when I stay up too late, I walk around our apartment and feel a sense of belonging. We’ve made this place our home, even if we can’t choose the paint colour in each room. It still feels like home. I love this place, I love our kitchen and our bedroom. I love our livingroom; the place of gathering, and I love Nolan’s nursery and the floors. I love the charming doorways and the cozy feeling I get just by being here. We’ve only been here for five months, almost a year, but this apartment is jammed packed with our memories and our moments together as a family.

I am happy here, I love it here. I’m proud of this place that we’ve made home.

I still dream about the furniture we hope to buy soon, I still have little things that I feel like we should do in order to make it feel even more cozy, more us. I lovingly pick out little things for our home; picture frames, candle holders, dish towels and other little pieces of decor. Even if we aren’t going to live here forever, it’s our home for the next foreseeable future and I love it. I’m proud of it.

I love sitting in my kitchen in the mornings, having a cup of tea and just feeling so at peace because here, we are safe. This is home, this is our haven.

I love our home.

What do you love about your home?

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  1. We have second hand furniture too. I dream of the day when we can go out to Leon’s or the Brick and buy our first brand spankin’ new furniture set. It’s a ways off though because we’ve decided not to do that until the kids are a little more spill proof 😉

    What I love about my home is the photos on the walls. 90% of them are of my kids. We spent a lot of money on the frames we put them in because we figure we’ll be using them for years to come. All of the bigger photographs were professionally done, by a very expensive (and well worth it) photographer. When we moved into this place in July, the first thing Ryan put up were our pictures. I think he loves them too.


    1. We’re also waiting on the couch purchase until we’re past baby & toddler goop stage LOL!

      I love photos! You should do a house tour 🙂
      I’m planning on doing a “family wall” with pictures of our family, and those before us {my great granny, etc}. It’s gonna be great whenever I get around to doing it!


  2. I do the same thing, too. I stare at everything and think, wow, am I lucky. A lot of the furniture we have was from my old bedroom or from Ikea’s as-is section, but I love everything. I’m going to be so sad when we have to leave, even though I know we’ll be coming back someday. I’m already planning on taking small things – like throw pillow covers, or kitchen towels, pictures – all the way to the U.S. so it feels more like home.


      1. Hah, that’s a good question… probably 4-5 years. At least 3 or so (unless I fail and they kick me out, then it’ll be just one). We’ll be renting our apartment furnished (that’s the plan), so most of the things will stay here. I do want to take some stuff though, so we can feel more comfortable. Sometimes I get this feeling of what was I thinking when I applied?!?! Our lives are so good here! But it’ll be for the best, I hope. Now I just have to wait until they tell me if I got in!


  3. i love that i can see the curtains i bought you in all the pictures you take! they are SO adorable. and your kitchen is so awesome… i love all the cupboard space! (jealous!)

    what do i love about my home? i love that in less than two months i’m moving out of it, into a 2 bedroom apartment on the top floor of an old century home in my favourite part of the city. i love that i’m selling half my furniture to buy new, amazing, pretty furniture!

    i can’t wait!


    1. I love that I can see them every time I’m in here 🙂 they really are adorable, and they remind me of YOU <3

      I love my kitchen bestest hehe.

      I can't wait to see pictures of your new place!

  4. Kelly

    We’re currently living with my boyfriend’s parents… Oy. It’s temporary, a means of saving some $ while deciding where to live and all that – but prior to this, I’d been in my own home (granted it was shared with my ex-asshole hoarder of husband so not the dream home type) for… Wow, 15 years. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Feb – my own kitchen, not sharing the TV with the parents whose first sign of (denied) aging is hearing loss, being able to sleep in bed together (I’m 32, he’s 37, and mom is Irish catholic, so no shared bed til there’s a wedding band!!!). I’ve been buying little things for our new place – it keeps me from losing the little bit of sanity I have left!!! And Jess, your apartment is so amazingly adorable and oh-so-cozy!!!


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