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Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary. That’s half-a-year.


It feels like we just got married yesterday, so how is this even possible? Oh,’s possible in the same way that our baby boy is three months away from being two when I just had him last week.


I don’t know.

Time’s just going by way to quickly, and I don’t even know how that’s possible because sometimes the weeks drag by so slowly and then all of a sudden it’s 6 months later. {Note: I’m saving the reaaally sappy post for later}.

But, anywho. We’re celebrating our half-a-year anniversary by just being together. This morning we went to Walmart and splruged. We finally bought new cushions for our couch, so now we don’t have to fight over who gets the futon pillows.

Aren’t they pretty?! I loves them. Kim and I are both fond of the chocolate brown with splashes of turquoise look. I love chocolate brown, it makes me think of chocolate. Which I actually still have and should probably go get…

Anyway, I also tried to find two chocolate brown or cream throws for our couches {to retire our purple bed comforter to the closet} but couldn’t find anything I liked. We love huge, warm blankets. We’re cool like that. We bought a bunch of stuff that we needed {cleaning supplies, soaps, deodorant etc} and Matt let Nolan pick out a couple of shirts. Then Matt forced me to go spend the $60 gift card he bought me for La Senza at Christmas.

I was supposed to buy bras, but I couldn’t find anything that looked/felt comfortable that wasn’t over what I wanted to spend. I have a La Senza bra on now, and it was great for the first little while but…I’m a firm {hehe} believer in the fact that if you want a really great bra that will last you need to get it custom made.

So instead, I bought something “fun” for our anniversary 😉 no pictures of that, sorry folks!

Nolan’s scores from today 🙂 he picked them all out with Daddy!

While I was in La Senza, Matt was spoiling the hell out of our little boy and let him pick out a couple of books. Matt seriously loves to spoil us – it’s totally bad, in a good way. Apparently Nolan had a blast hitting on every female within eye sight. 😉

We had a quick lunch before heading home. I felt super guilty consuming that {incredibly delicious} veggie works fries from NYFs because I had totally forgotten about my Personal Health Portfolio appointment at the gym and completely missed it. Yes, I already fail at this whole gym thing. Sigh. Never fear though, I’m not giving up…yet, anyway. I’ve rescheduled my appointment and I’ll be for sure hitting up the gym on Wednesday for my cardio orientation.

I need to start leaving myself post-it-notes, because my personal assistant sucks at checking my scheduler for me. {Seriously, she really sucks at life}.

Anywho; so that was our day thus far. When both the boys wake up from their naps {yes, they nap at the same time because apparently Matt is 2}, we’re going to go outside and PLAY in the snow! Then we’re making salmon and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner 🙂 nom!

Once the kiddo is in bed, we’ll probably rent a movie and snuggle up on the couch…and other stuff 😉


P.S. Some funny videos to make you laugh…haha


oh annnd…

awesomesauce, huh?

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  1. Haha okay. Scary. I had NY Fries this weekend too LOL. My MOH and I went to the mall for a bridal show. I’ll blog about it later.

    You and your husband seem so very much in love. It’s beautiful. Right now Ryan and I don’t have as much time for each other between having 2 kids under 2 and shift work. So I know what it’s like to cherish every quiet moment of alone time we get together. I really miss him which is weird to say because I see him every single day.

    Personally, I love La Senza but since Victoria’s Secret came to the Yorkdale Mall in TO I’m dedicated to them now. I wear a 38DD (horrible) so it is absolutely mandatory that I wear a good bra.

    Enjoy your night together!


    1. Thanks Danielle! And we are, even if we argue like cats and dogs sometimes haha!!

      I can’t wait to read your posts! I’ve been checking your blog all weekend for an update LOL!


  2. Happy 1/2 Anniversary! Marriage goes by so fast! Feels like my husband and I just got married, but we’re almost at 16 months.


  3. Love the couch cushions. Love the Nolan clothing/books picks (I want the truck book thing, for D lol). LOVE LOVE LOVE the NYfries picture, I licked my laptop screen, thanks a lot. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos. lmao. Too awesome. Even had C laughing a bit. 😛


  4. Nice videos and happy 6 month anniversary and many more! And doesn’t it just brighten your mood when you buy things! Total shopping therapy. My does that food look sooo good!


    1. Retail therapy does brighten your day! But I find if I buy for me {i.e clothes} I feel super guilty. If it’s for Nolan or our house, it’s okay lol. I don’t know why!

      And thank you 🙂

      Apparently the food is kicking my ass today, so I need to stay away from NY Fries. Sigh. So good though!


  5. “My fifteen minutes are almost up.”

    Yep, pretty much. The “Tiktok” parody was great. I keep trying to tell my sister that this chick is manufactured, but she doesn’t believe me. All commercial music is manufactured! I do think that Lady Gaga is the real thing, but I’m pretty convinced that Ke$ha is just a manufactured answer to Gaga.

    Oh well, back to my underground music. (;


  6. I loved all those videos lol. They still make me giggle hysterically. I agree – Ke$ha really is annoying, I dislike her. A lot.

    But I like Lady Gaga 😉


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