If I had an anonymous blog…

I’m now a member of Bloggy Moms, and I’ve got to tell ya it’s a really fun community! I’m especially interested in their Blog Dare, so I’ve decided to start doing it! 🙂

Today’s topic: If I had an anonymous blog

Truthfully? I have an anonymous blog. I don’t use it very often, because I much prefer this blog and the community I am apart of, but the anonymous blog is where I go to write about the heavy topics on my heart that I just feel are too big for this space. I know, some of you are wondering how in the hell I even have enough words and subjects to write about {since I post 2-3 times daily here}. There is a cloak of invisibility that comes with an anonymous blog that feels good, especially when you feel like you honestly can’t write about certain subjects {and don’t worry; these subjects have absolutely nothing to do with my marriage or even my parenting for that matter}. It’s like having all the curtains drawn, and sitting in the darkness with only your own thoughts and voice.

Obviously, that’s the downer part to having an anonymous {in my case, secret} blog. I don’t get the feedback I get from here, and I suppose I could if I sent everyone over to the anonymous/secret blog but that’s not what I created that space for. I created it so that I would have a retreat, if needed.

And trust me, I don’t write there often, so you really aren’t missing out on anything. In fact, I’ve cleaned up some posts and posted them here {password protected, of course}.

To be a big anonymous blogger would be different than being a secret anonymous blogger, I think. I think that being a big anonymous blogger – like Gossip Girl or something – would be kind of fun, especially if everyone around you knew and read your big anonymous blog and thought the creator {aka you} was way cooler than Dooce {wait, she’s still cool and big right? I haven’t missed anything, have I? God I need to pay more attention to the “big bloggers” out there 😉 hehe. And Heather, if you’re reading this…I really do think you’re awesome, and I’m totally jealous}.

So, in conclusion, I have an anonymous {secret} blog and sometimes it feels really good to type out some frustration without the fear that someone is going to find it and be mad at me. You can definitely “let loose” and “be free”. But, I love this blog, I love this space, and I love not being anonymous {for the most part}. I can honestly say that I write truthfully about every other aspect of my life, and the only reason why I don’t write openly about that subject is because I’m just not ready. I have written some posts about it, lacking details and explanations and focusing strictly on my feelings and emotions at the time, but that’s all I’m ready to share right now.

There you have it, my first blog post for the Bloggy Moms blog dare 😉

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  1. I’m a big fan of the private option in WordPress. I like the password-protected option, too, but I’m finding that I’d rather just make it private, that way it’s like a journal. I like public blogging, but all of my really personal stuff is now just my-eyes-only. I know I’d never remember to update my anonymous blog, and honestly I’d always be worried that someone might find it. I’m paranoid, I guess. 😀


      1. I honestly didn’t even know it existed until not too long ago, heh heh. Then again, knowing me, I might have known but forgot… xD


  2. I don’t have an anonymous blog but I do go to a website where I can rant about certain things on my mind anonymously. I love it. I can clear my head without hurting anyone’s feelings.
    Maybe I should try an anonymous blog sometime.


    1. I’d love to buy a really nice, leather-bound diary. I think the release of writing might actually feel better writing into an actual “book”/diary. I haven’t written in a diary since I was like 14 lol. I discovered blogging and that was the end of that!


      1. I was never good at keeping a diary. I always got lazy after a week and quit writing. Typing is easier for me. But it’s less secure. Like, the entire world could see it potentially. Mind you hand written diaries aren’t overly secure either. I’m not sure Ryan could resist the temptation of reading a written diary if I left it out accidentally or something.


  3. I’m a member of Bloggy Mom’s too but I’ve never checked out the Blog Dare in fine detail so I’m gonna give it a look-see now.


  4. Bloggy Moms sounds really cool. I think I’m going to check it out. If I had an anonymous blog I’d definitely use it as a diary of sorts to post those extra heavy and taboo topics that I don’t feel comfortable enough to post on my blog.


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