Just…grocery shopping.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon with Nolan, even though my exhaust is just temporarily held together so that Matt can drive it to his friend’s garage. We were completely out of everything and Nolan kept asking for milk {which we didn’t have}. There was a lull in snow fall, so we hoped in the car and drove painfully slow to the nearest grocery store. I had a list – I never leave the house without a list, and my list is usually categorized by where I can find each product {diary, meats, canned goods, cereal etc etc}. It’s kind of ridiculous how organized I am in that sense.

So anyway, I figured we’d be in and out within 20 minutes. Wrong. I think we were in the store for nearly an hour. Nolan was being quite the distracting little dude. He kept kicking off his winter boots {OMG I dislike those boots so much because they are way to easy for him to kick off} and trying to get out of his jacket. Not to mention, the only cart available didn’t have a proper working belt so I had to keep one hand on him at all times. It kind of makes studying my list, calculating the costs of each thing I want to buy {yes, I DO THAT}, and grabbing things off the shelf a tad bit more difficult than it usually is {and it’s usually pretty difficult}. Nolan insisted on having crackers that I had packed, and I kept giving them to him one by one because I didn’t want to leave a mess throughout the grocery store. He also insisted on trying to knock off all the glass jars of pasta sauce off the shelves. Fun times!

So, by the time we had everything {and more, thanks to stupid sales and the fact that I was totally distracted} on my grocery list and actually got out of the store, an hour had passed. I guess it didn’t help that I spent a ridiculously long time stuffing my re-usable grocery bags full of the purchases {again, it’s rather difficult to use both hands when one hand is needed to keep your toddler from climbing out of the cart}. Then I had to re-dress Nolan for outside {since, as mentioned above, he kept kicking off his boots and was, at this point, nearly completely out of his coat}, get him buckled up safely, start the car, and somehow lift the 50 pound grocery bags out of the cart and into my trunk while an elderly man waited impatiently for me to get out of the handicapped parking spot {yes, I park in the handicapped parking spot…but I assure you I’m not just stealing the VIP parking from people who need it. I also need it}.

What a miscalculation on the time frame! I wasn’t stressed out about Nolan being so “difficult”. I know that grocery shopping is boring and he was totally trying to entertain himself. It’s not his fault that the belt on our cart didn’t work, or that he has an overwhelming need to touch anything and everything within reach. He’s seriously hilarious, and as per usual he earned so many smiles and made so many people happy just by seeing and listening to him babble away at everything. Me, things in the store, other people – it was just so ridiculously cute. He talked about everything he saw, and it’s no wonder that I got so damn distracted that I ended up piling stuff not on my list* into the cart.

Truthfully…grocery shopping is always hard for me, especially when I bring Nolan. It’s also painful {the lifting, the walking around, the lifting, oh and the bill sucks too sometimes}. But I do it, because I don’t really like waiting around like a damsel in distress for Matt to get home and go shopping. Plus, Nolan really wanted milk, and who am I to deny that beautiful little face anything it wants?

So even though grocery shopping is stressful on my body, I do love taking my silly little man to the store <3

*I’m very peculiar about my list. It has to be on the list, or we don’t need it. Usually  I’m good about not buying things not on the list, but today I was super off the ball.

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  1. Do you find their boots may fit their feet but are too tight for their chubby little legs? That’s a problem we have with Landon’s boots.
    I use food to distract Landon in the cart. I make a big tada about giving him goldfish crackers (also one at a time because otherwise there’d be a trail behind us).
    Wait til you hear my Walmart nightmare from Thursday. Seriously. Nolan is an ANGEL. He needs to come teach Landon.


    1. Nolan has chicken legs like his daddy, so I don’t have that problem lol. But the chubby legs at least hold on the boots, right?
      I can’t wait to read your Walmart nightmare…really get on that! Also; how do you manage grocery shopping with not one but two kids?
      Feel free to answer that question here or in your Walmart nightmare post 😉


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