Love {in Black and White}

I love it when I get a lot accomplished around the house yet still feel like I’ve given Nolan tons of interaction. I love sitting down during naptime {in my clean livingroom}, playing around online and not feeling guilty because there’s no pressing matters on my to-do list.

I also love the pictures I took of Nolan this morning, eating an apple. It was his first time eating an apple like a “big kid”. Usually, I cut up the pieces for him. But today, he was in a rather bitey mood {ugh; I have a fat lip FYI} so I decided he should take those biting urges out on an apple.

[love his eyes in this one!]

Guess what? It totally worked. He destroyed that apple and didn’t bite me {or even attempt to} for the rest of the morning {and I hope he’ll continue to not bite me during the afternoon}. Plus it was a totally healthy snack 😉 an apple a day keeps the doctor away! {just like a post a day keeps the men in white coats away – for this mama, anyway 😉 hehe}.

So; our morning was great. We snuggled on the couch, read some books, played with some puzzles and just relaxed. Then I spent about 45 minutes cleaning the house and folding laundry – with Nolan’s help, of course.

helping mama fold laundry! {he did the top few}

He’s such a bright little child! During lunch time, we practiced counting the noodles on the tray. He got up to four!  Well sorta, it sounded more like “Un! Uoo! Fee! ORE” but still awesome, right?! He loves counting. Matt bought him a counting book yesterday, and I think I’ve read it about six times. I need to invest in some flash cards for him because he’d totally love them. I tried to find them at a local toy store yesterday to no avail. Sigh. I’ll probably stumbling across them when he’s 13 and in college and we’ll no longer need them.

And in other news, you’ll notice a little section on my blog sidebar that says “my tumblr” with a little button-link thing. I’ve created a tumblr blog for my overwhelming amount of Nolan pictures because WordPress is now telling me I have used up 76.1% of my storage for pictures. I know that I still have quite a bit of storage left, but I still felt that I needed another space for all my pictures! I’m worried I’ll totally use up all the remaining space here in no-time, and I’m definitely not going to buy a space upgrade – holy not in the budget or even practical. I’m saving to switch to an actual host, so I can get unlimited uploads again like I had at Sarcastica.

So head over and check it out! I’m still new at using Tumblr…and boy is it a lot different from WordPress or even Blogger. It took me forever how to figure out how the whole commenting thing works {apparently you have to install Disqus, which I’ve done so you can now comment on my tumblr blog}. Still, it’s a great place for all the photos 🙂 and it’s so easy to post photos directly from my BlackBerry!

P.S. In other, random news…I fail at the whole gym thing. I missed another orientation. I honestly need to get a personal assistant to remind me of stuff, because even though I put it in my day planner and on my BlackBerry scheduler, I don’t check until it’s too late. Five minutes does not give you enough time to get you and your toddler dressed and everything packed up and find parking and and and. So yeah, I suck at this whole gym thing.

And…I just might be giving up before I even start. I know! I’m horrible, aren’t I? I have an appointment on Wednesday to possibly get out of my membership. I know that I doing really have the time and dedication to get my moneys worth out of that membership. Sure, the classes look fun but at the rate I’m going with remembering shit I’m probably better off buying a couple of work out DVDs and doing it during Nolan’s naptime. Plus I have no one to go with and the idea of going by myself is so unappealing. If they do let me get out of it {fingers crossed} without paying the fee {which is only $99 – not bad at all!} I’ll totally buy some work out videos. If I have to pay the $99, I’ll wait on the work out videos.

Sometimes, my foolishness amazes me. I’m constantly doing crap like that: jumping aboard of a fleeting moment of I want to work out! I’m better off starting out doing physio exercises.

It’s not like I need to lose a lot of weight. I’d be fine if I cut all the crap out of my diet and did a couple work out videos a few times a week, and if I started walking more.

Somebody smack me for thinking that spending any amount {no matter how “good” a deal it is} on a gym membership is a good idea for me.

Sigh. Yes, I is an idiot?

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  1. tierney

    Congrats on all the errands done ..butttt!

    I vote nooo! to skipping out on the gym, seriously!

    I’ve had a tone of life altering surgeries & I’m dealing with chronic pain as well and I can honestly swear by the gym. Even a 30min elliptical work out in the AM will get your muscles moving around and boost your energy level by SO much. It’ll be tiring at first but with 3 days a week on something like the elliptical (or dare I say a class?), you’ll have that well needed ‘me’ time away from Nolan and outside pressures and time to listen to music or watch the TV and unwind.

    I know this is long winded but I’m so passionate about you at least giving this a shot. I’ve been following you for a while now & have seen your struggles with pain, your energey level, stress in new situations and wanting to ‘firm up’ your already little body and I can honestly say that going to the gym would help in all those areas.

    If youre intimidated, start slow. Pick a time every other day that works for you and go. If you go at the same time you’re highly likely to meet someone (yay to new friends!) who you can chat with!

    It’ll mean a healthier, stronger, happier you for yourself and your entire family. Consider it!!

    (I promise, if you exercise properly it can actually help alleviate chronic pain, and while it doesn’t take it away, it makes life more manageable)


    1. It’s not only the intimidation part, it’s also the cost expense. It really doesn’t make sense for us BOTH to have memberships, especially when I won’t be able to get out there enough to get my dollars worth between Nolan’s schedule, my schedule and Matt’s…

      BUT, I’m going to buy work out videos, start off slow and start getting in shape and then when Matt graduates and gets a job, it will make more sense. I didn’t really factor in the day care cost for every time I go, I also didn’t factor in the fact that Matt’s going to need to pay for a lot more than we thought for his third semester in school. 🙁


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