Notes to Nolan {21 Months}

My beautiful little man;

Today you are 21 months old, which basically means that you will be two in just three months. In three months, I will have a full fledged toddler. I mean, you’re a toddler now – I guess. Technically speaking, since you’re under two you’re still a little baby to the world. You will always be my baby, to me, but to the world you have to grow up out of the baby stage. After all, your mama can’t be changing your bottom when you’re 35, right?

Speaking of changing your bottom…your daddy and I are thinking about starting potty training. Thinking being the operative word here. You already have a potty – a sit down one, but you haven’t peed in it yet and every time you get off it you put it on your head and wear the inside part like a hat. This might pose as a problem when you actually do figure out how to go in it…so I’m kind of concerned and wonder if we should switch to a potty seat, the one that goes on top of the toilet. You have peed in the toilet once and you liked it – it was before you got into the bath one night and Daddy noticed you making your “pee stance” so he picked you up and you peed in the toilet. I missed it, I was at work at the diner that night, but from what I hear you absolutely loved it and thought it was hilarious!

Another thing we’re thinking about doing is purchasing you a toddler bed. Today we went to Walmart to check them out, and you weren’t sure at first but then you had fun climbing in and out of it. Which made Daddy say “let’s hold off for a bit…” LOL! He doesn’t really adore the idea of you being able to get in and out of bed so easily. We’re in no rush to buy the toddler bed, because you are still very content in your crib. You go down so lovely! Sometimes, you put up a fight but it’s never for long. You’ve made no attempts yet to climb out, and hopefully {knock on wood} we still have a few months of no-break outs. I’m also not in any rush to put you in a toddler bed – it’s just another sign that my baby is growing up faster than I can accept.

You have always had a strong, happy, vibrate personality, and for that I’m thankful. One of my fears is that I’d have a boring child. Who wants a boring kid?! You’re so fun, so I never have to worry about that. You constantly make Daddy and I laugh with your crazy antics. Your love for books melts my heart – I’m pretty sure we read about 10 books a day, at the very least, together. I often catch you reading to yourself too, while you’re playing independently.

I honestly love watching your imagination grow. I love how you talk to your stuffies, to the cat, and how you make your little toys talk to one another too. You learned the last part from watching T play, but it’s still super awesome how quickly you picked it up!

Another thing that you’re picking up quickly on is talking, in sentences. You’ve been “ahead” of your age group in a lot of ways. At 18 months, you were able to ask me “Where is Daddy?” and know exactly what you were asking {because you only asked when Daddy was at school or work}. The other day, you said “I’ma gonna bite you” before attempting to chomp down on my arm. While this mama doesn’t enjoy being bite, I certainly appreciated the forewarning and I was blown away by how clear it was. I could understand you perfectly. I’m excited to hear more and more sentences and words from you, and to teach you more words and sentences!

You are also quick to pick up on moods. If I’m upset or anxious about something, you crawl up onto my lap, gently touch my face and say “I love you“. Then you give me a kiss and suddenly whatever I was upset or anxious about seems so minimum. You give amazing hugs and you honestly make me feel like I’m the worlds luckiest mama {probably because I am}!

I can’t wait for the spring; I can’t wait to take you to the zoo for the first time ever, and Daddy wants us to go to the Science Center too. Our spring and summer will be full of great adventures with one another and I just can’t wait! I know you’ll love both the zoo and the Science Center – you absolutely love learning and looking at new things. You also love animals! Sketch is one of your best pals. You chase her all over the apartment, just to give her a hug and a kiss. Yesterday, you dragged a string around on the floor for her to chase. It was so adorable to see you playing together!

Another good friend of yours is T. I think she might be your first love 😉 whom I kidding? Any female is your first love. You are such a flirtatious little man! But really, you love hanging out with T. When she comes over, you light up like it’s Christmas. You constantly hug her and try to kiss her. After naptime, if she’s still asleep on the couch you’ll come over to her and gently kiss her cheek, then fix the blanket. It is so sweet! My little thoughtful man <3

So, yes. You are amazing. Keep growing, keep loving, keep laughing and keep learning. I know I’m going to miss every day that goes by – because you becoming more of a child and less of a baby, but I love every step we take together.

You’ve made me into a better person, and I thank you for that.

I love you Nolan <3

Your mama

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  1. Awwwwwww! <3 kids are so amazing! Nolan is so awesome and special! You guys rock!


  2. That bed is Landon’s toddler bed. Landon has done pretty well in his but sometimes I wish he was still in his crib. They suddenly look like they’ve grown a foot when they’re sleeping in a big boy bed.

    I’m hoping to get Landon a toddler seat and a stool so he can use the regular toilet. I can handle dirty diapers but the idea of having to clean out a potty all the time grosses me out for some reason. If you do manage to potty train Nolan early you’ll have to share all of your tips! I wish we could train Landon but he doesn’t talk much yet and I’m not sure how well it would go over if he can’t tell me when he needs to go!

    Your little boy sounds like such a sweet little man. You must be so proud.


    1. Also why I don’t want to keep trying with the potty chair – not such a fan of the idea of cleaning it out lol. I highly doubt we’ll be “actively” training him, we’ll just sit him on it before and after bathtime and hope that SOMETHING happens so we can tell him he peed!

      Thanks Danielle; your boy also sounds sweet! We’re both proud 😉


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