Sunday Brunch

I hosted my first ever brunch this morning, with a ridiculous amount of help from Matt. He loves to take over the cooking front, so he sort of did! But I at least got to make the hashbrown casserole!

I was going to take pictures of our spread of delicious food, but I got a little busy with cooking and trying to clean up after the tornado that is my son. Then people started to arrive and then we all dove in and there is literally nothing left to take pictures of! But that’s okay, because that means we did good…right!?

For brunch we had:

  • Hashbrown casserole {recipe can be found here –> it was super yummy and a hit!}
  • Stewed tomatoes
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Raisin bread french toast
  • Cheese muffins, croissants and danishes

We had coffee and orange juice for drinks, and for once I didn’t mind the taste of Maxwell House. I think I’m warming up to it! It’s only taken half a can of it to sway me slightly. I still prefer Tim Hortons coffee beans though.

I really want to make it a semi-regular thing, because I love getting together with family and watching Nolan and his little cousin “play” together. {Nolan plays, but Aaron is still young and just sort of watches}. It helps ease the homesick feeling I’ve been having lately.

It was a really nice visit, and I’m glad we had it. I thought it would be difficult, I hate hosting anything. The pressure is usually too much for me to handle. And yesterday, I did have quite a few moments of OMFG what was I thinking! But honestly? It went really well! We all sat in the livingroom, talked about random stuff, and watched the boys playing.

For those of you interested in what I wore today:


This weekend was pretty good, as far as weekends go! Tomorrow we’re both back to the grind. I don’t have the girls until after school, so at least Nolan and I get to sleep in {if he so allows it, that is}. I’m going to do a bit of laundry and cleaning, and we’ll be going outside to play in the snow. But truthfully? I’m so over snow. There’s only so much you can do in it with a toddler. Walks and sled rides are only fun for like 10 minutes. Then it gets boring! With Nolan’s little feet, we can’t walk far and this mama starts huffing and puffing after 5 minutes of sled pulling {don’t worry, I suck it up for at least another 10 minutes after that}.

I long for spring, for walks to Zellers and the 50s diner for breakfast/lunch dates with my little man. I long for wagon rides and park trips. I long for less gear: just a jacket and maybe a little toque. I’m so over the snow suits and the mittens and the hats and the scarfs. Plus…snow is just blah. I’ll have more fun during the winter months when Nolan can pull me in the sled! And when he’s old enough to build snow men and snow forts and go sledding by himself down hills. {Seriously; running up and down the hill, pulling a sled while fully decked in winter gear is exhausting. Especially when you’re as “out of shape” as I am!}.

So yes. How was your weekend? Good I hope!

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  1. We don’t ever get snow here so I’d love some, but I get that it’s boring/annoying after a while. Glad the brunch went nicely! The worst thing about entertaining is cleaning beforehand [we always clean on weekends, plus it’s nice to have the cleanest house possible for guests, obviously] and then afterwards again. But once you get over that is totally cool I think. So, will you share the recipes or at least tell us what you ate? I’d love to know! 😀


    1. Oh it is a bit boring and annoying after a while 🙁 it’s pretty, but damn. What can I do with all that damn snow other than glare at it and hope it goes away?! I miss spring time walks 🙁

      I am obsessive about cleaning, but I ALWAYS keep things clean around here {unless I’m sick} because of the off chance that someone will stop in. Hasn’t happened yet, but hey…it COULD and when you DON’T clean is when someone will stop by!

      I will edit this post with what we ate lol!


  2. I was hoping you’d post about you brunch! I love how you said BACON in all caps LOL.
    We had a big breakfast too. Omlettes with red onion, green pepper, and cheddar cheese, toast, and BACON. But yours sounds better aha. Glad it went well.
    I am also so over snow and winter weather in general. I can’t wait to really break in our double stroller and get walking.


    1. Haha I love BACON so much 😉 it’s always in cap locks, close to my heart! This is the second time in over a year I’ve had BACON! How sad 🙁 lol.

      MMM omlettes sound soo yummy!

      I also long to break out the stroller and go for a long walk without slipping and sliding on ice and falling on my ass.


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