What have I gotten myself into now?!

Remember how I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a gym membership? Well, tonight I had a meeting with some dude named Derrek from Goodlife, to discuss the membership my husband forced upon me I was thinking about getting.

Seeing the workout equipment was very overwhelming, and the idea of working out with tons of people that I don’t really know isn’t exactly appealing. But, if I carry on the way I have been carrying on, I’ll end up as a fat tub of lard permanently stuck on my couch. Not cool, not cool at all.

Nolan is becoming more and more mobile {now isn’t that an understatement?}, and I honestly feel like my energy level could use some serious improvement, like 100%. Going outside for 20 minutes to play in the snow exhausts me, and it really shouldn’t. I know winter is hard on everyone, but by the time spring and summer are here I want to be able to chase him around outside, go for long walks, and just do stuff with him without feeling so damn exhausted afterwards.

So, I’ve signed up for the gym. I’m going to go three times a week to work out for at least half an hour each time. I am going to attend Bodyflow classes {yoga, tai chi, pilates} every Wednesday night and RPM classes every Saturday morning. I’m nervous about attending classes with a bunch of people I don’t know, but 2011 is all about going outside my comfort zone and experiencing things. I don’t want to hold back on doing things that I might love just because “I won’t know anybody”. For a few days during the week, I’ll be able to get out and do something for me, and have my entire family benefit {because I’ll have more energy}.

I will attend my first work out this Saturday morning. Matt is going with me, so that I’m not as uncomfortable.

AND; because I referred 10 people {who will probably be irritated with me for giving Goodlife their numbers}, I got a free gym bag and a workout shirt! WEEE! I win?

I’m excited about this. Just think of all the funny material I’ll have, what with me being a natural klutz 😉

I’m also excited about this! That’s right, I am now officially a contributor at The Wifey Blogs as my post is up! The Wifey Blogs is a website written by a bunch of women about all things marriage, started up by my friend Brie. A funny take on the good, the bad, and even….the hanky panky. Please go read my first ever post there and give it some love! Also; check out the other wives; they’re really awesome! You might want to add that blog to your feed reader too 😉

Also: here is a ridiculously cute video of Nolan. Excuse my voice, it was before bacon o’clock.

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  1. I wish my gym offered classes. The only classes they have are how to use the equipment and how to use the weird thirty-minute workout station. The community college in my city offers yoga and stuff, though. I might have to think about that…

    Going to the gym was pretty overwhelming for me at first, too. I created a little routine for myself, though — stretch, bike, situps, treadmill or elliptical — and now it doesn’t bother me at all to go. I actually enjoy it when I’m there. My problem is motivating myself to go. I’m so lazy. 😀 You’ll get the hang of it, though! Don’t be afraid to ask the staff or other people there if you’re not sure how to use something. I could not figure out how to get the bike going — it didn’t have an on button — so I asked the girl next to me. Turns out, you just start pedaling. I probably would have given up if I hadn’t forced myself to quit being shy and ask.

    Good luck!


  2. Oh lovely, your going to be thin and hot and leave me out. lol. I have my gut back, flabby gut with nasty stretch marks. Good for you though for going out and doing that! I would, but I wouldn’t do it. lol. I hate working out. Hence why I basically failed Fitness in grade 11 lmao.


    1. Perhaps not thin, more like “toned” lol. I am also going to start buying tanning minutes to help with my stretch marks {apparently tanning is VERY good for scaring}.

      Honestly? I’m scared lol. I was so gonna get a personal trainer and would have if it wasn’t so goddamn expensive!


  3. <3 the video…I just love this stage with my son. So far I think it's been the funnest of them all.

    Good luck at the gym. Maybe I should sign up for some classes sometime soon.


    1. I love the video too hehe. He does this all morning with me, basically every morning 😉

      Doo it! Too bad we live so far away from one another 🙁 I’d love for you to be one of my work out buddies! {you need lots, so that you always have motivation LOL}. Aside from two, I don’t know anyone in this town!


  4. mmmm, bacon o’clock.

    okay, listen lady, if you want to keep that sweet child of yours you’re going to have to stop posting videos of the him making the cutest little giggling sounds ever, and omg @ his diaper butt! NOM NOM NOM! and those eyelashes! why don’t you and matt just make another handsome little offspring and send him my way. cutest little man ever.

    i’m so stoked that you’re going to the gym! it’s goodlife, so i’m assuming there’s a daycare there for nolan? which is so fucking awesome! that’s the great thing about bigger gyms like that- mamas can still get their sweat on and not worry about finding a sitter.

    you’re totally pumping me up to get a gym pass before bootcamp starts in april.


    1. LOL! Because my kid is a boob biting, fart smacking machine .YES HE SMACKS HIS OWN FARTS. He times it, then spanks his bum as he’s farting and laughs. I DON’T GET IT!

      Yes there is a daycare for Nolan 🙂 $5 for two hours…boo.

      GET TO A GYM
      take sexy workout pics of yourself and send them to me.


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