Thirty Facts

Saw this on Elle’s blog. Thought it might be fun!

Picture by Mandy Getschmen; my wedding day {no stealing!}

  1. I can’t sleep with our bedroom door opened. It needs to be closed, at least part way. Before I moved in with Matt {and got a cat}, it had to be closed all the way. But then Sketch came into the picture, and she will literally toss herself at our door until we open it. So I’ve adjusted to it being closed halfway but not fully so the cat can still get in.
  2. I am thoroughly disgusted by raisins. I can’t eat them without gagging {I only eat them if I absolutely have to: like today, the only bread we have is raisin bread, so…yeah}.
  3. If I had it my way, I would eat pasta for every meal every single day. And be completely happy with it. I looove pasta!
  4. I get great ideas and jump aboard, only to regret my decision later. Example: joining the gym. Not such a great idea from the get-go.
  5. I rarely splurge on myself. I haven’t bought brand new clothes in what feels like a decade.
  6. I’m a disorganized neat freak. I hate dirty things and messes, but I can’t organize space and paperwork to save my life. It drives me absolutely nuts.
  7. My husband and I argue a lot, about everything. It’s amusing.
  8. I’m addicted to crappy reality TV and Lindor chocolates.
  9. I write a detailed grocery list and won’t buy anything that’s “not on my list”.
  10. When grocery shopping, I always forget my reusable bags and always ending buying at least two more. Which is why I have a staggering collection of reusable grocery bags.
  11. I hate maple syrup on my pancakes 99.9% of the time. There is the super rare occurrence that I’ll have it, but trust me when I say it’s a rare occurrence.
  12. I think the hair on my eyebrows grows faster than the hair on my head. I totally need “maintenance” about twice a week. For reals. Nasty, huh?
  13. I make my husband tuck me in at night, just so I can fall asleep in his arms {since he stays up way later than I do}.
  14. The show Swamp People literally freaks me out.
  15. I love decorating our apartment, and buying new things for it. Which is why I’m not allowed to go to Walmart or Winners frequently.
  16. I bought a sports bra last week that was literally like 3 sizes too small and forgot to return it, so now I have this ridiculously small bra that I have no idea what to do with.
  17. I’m rather flighty with decisions. I’ll be totally game for one idea, then bounce over to another just as quickly as “I made up my mind”. Which brings me to the next fact…
  18. I’m horrible at decision making.
  19. I’m addicted to my BlackBerry, even if it doesn’t always work. {Which reminds me! It’s working again. I can hear my ringtone when people call me and the lock button actually locks. Random much?}
  20. My guilty pleasure is vampire books/shows/movies. Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and True Blood particularly.
  21. I’m eating ham right now, and it’s good.
  22. I actually love hot dogs a lot. I don’t care what they’re made of, I’ll eat em. My fav is BBQ’d hotdogs 😀 with cheese and onions and ketchup and mustard!
  23. I’m hungry right now. Which is why I’m eating ham and talking about food?
  24. I’m totally one of those people who eats peanut butter right off the spoon – for your info Elle {fact #4: she doesn’t like that haha}.
  25. I refuse to eat my bread crust. Hi, I’m five?
  26. I love dancing, even though I suck at it. Like, legit suck.
  27. I can’t hold my liquor. At all. Ask Sketch, the last time I got drunk I chased her around the apartment because I thought she was choking. Then I knocked a beer over and soaked my futon and everywhere else. I think I even got the cat!
  28. I can’t stand fish. At all. They freak me out. So do chickens, and the way they move.
  29. I hate when people stare at me. I don’t care if they’re thinking I’m pretty or awesome, I just don’t like it. I’d rather nobody looked at me at all. I know, I’m weird.
  30. I’m keeping a secret 😀 not very well, since I just told y’all I have a secret, but still.

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  1. Natasha

    Haha, we totally have #13 in common.
    I sleep really crappy unless Cam tucks me in at night. Lol. & I totally hate it when people stare too! I always think they’re thinking bad things.


  2. I love these things 🙂 I did a 25 random facts on FB once. I can’t sleep with my closet door open. I have no idea why. I definitely have #27 in common with you. Used to be able to drink people under the table though.


    1. I used to be able to drink like a fish and have a great time. Now I end up slurring my words, chasing the cat, spilling beer and getting sent to bed early! lmao I’m always trashed by 9pm. PATHETIC.

      I also can’t sleep with closet doors open and NEVER do {nor will I ever}.


  3. YUCK! i’m throwing your peanut butter out! but i’m glad you participated in this! i love reading these sorts of things 🙂 you’re adorable.

    also, your new header is AMAZING.

    and you’re a babe.


    the end.


  4. no maple syrup on your pancakes? what?!? that’s crazy talk. i need puddles of syrup (maple not required, any syrup will do). also, i have to do eyebrow maintenance about every 3 or 4 days or things get out of hand. it can get serious if i lose my tweezers. true story.
    17, 18, 22, 23, 24, and 29 for me too. and 19 but it’s a new addiction. i just got mine. it already has something wrong with it and i’m going to need to take it in. i’m devastated already 🙁

    i love random fact lists <3


  5. I *really* want to reply a bunch, but it would be to almost every single one. And would likely be long. lol


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