Moving Frustrations

So we’ve finally made some headway with packing. It’s no secret: Matt is a huge procrastinator when it comes to moving: he works best under pressure. Usually, I’m very tedious about starting packing early and getting it done before hand. In July of 2009, when Nolan was just 3 months old, I packed and moved all our stuff from the basement apartment to the upstairs apartment while Matt was away for a guys weekend with the help of a few of my friends. We started moving stuff Friday and when he came home Sunday everything was already unpacked and put away, boxes were broken down and the only thing he had to do was hang pictures for me (since I’m horrible with tools).

But obviously, this time I super suck and couldn’t get myself motivated as early as I usual do. So today we super packed, and all we have left is a few kitchen things, some random crap on the book shelf, a couple loads of laundry, and the laundry room shelf crap. Which will take all of an hour to pack up.

When Matt ran over a couple of plates to our current neighbors/landlords, he discovered that the new tenant would be starting to move into this apartment at 9am on Sunday. We get our keys to our new place at 8am on Sunday. That gives us one hour to move. Needless to say, I am really frustrated with this. Especially because I don’t even remember telling her our appointment had changed: originally we weren’t supposed to get the keys until 1:30pm, what if we hadn’t been able to switch our appointment to 8am? Did I mention it’s supposed to rain on Sunday?

Ya. I’m super frustrated. We’ve asked Matt’s step mom and brother if we could store some stuff there Saturday, so that Sunday all we have to worry about moving from here is the furniture and appliances (meaning we don’t have to rush with all the boxes and what not loads). That’s the only way we can “get out of here” for 9am.


Anyway, here are some cute Nolan pictures 🙂

it’s a baby in a box!
Tomorrow, we’re going out to breakfast in the AM to celebrate Nolan’s birthday with Matt’s step-mom, brother and his family. Then we’re going to finish packing and move some of the stuff over to Matt’s step-mom’s and brothers. Fun times!
I’ll try to blog again tomorrow, before the big moving day. If not, I’m sure you’ll hear from me Monday! Since my mother-in-law pulled some epic moves and got us a hook up appointment for Monday haha. Yay Kim!

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  1. ugh, how frustrating that your landlord would have had the new tenant moving in before you could move anything out if your appointment hadn't changed.

    as it is now though, during the hour between 8 and 9 you cam move whatever is possible and clear a section of the living room for the new dudes stuff…

    if you have people helping you move then you could leave someone at the old place to make sure everything is safe (yea, i don't trust anyone) and just let the new guy move in around your stuff. what's the worst the landlord can do? even if she was completely ridiculous and called the police to have you removed (which would seriously be insane) the police would just stand there “keeping the peace” while you continue to do what you were already doing; move.

    good luck tomorrow, hopefully the rain holds off and you can get settled into the new place easily 🙂


  2. @ignotus mulier: I'm not going to let the guy move in his stuff when we're moving ours out…no way. If she was a GOOD landlord, she'd want to clean the place beforehand and do an inspection. She was well aware that we would be moving out May 1st, most landlords don't allow someone to move out and in during the same day, because it doesn't give them time to do a thorough cleaning and inspection. She won't call the police, because we'll be out of here before 9am – we've moved all our little stuff, now we just have to worry about our furniture and appliances and some small boxes etc. We're not leaving on BAD terms, I don't even think she's aware we're completely irritated with her. Or that she's “done anything wrong” :S


  3. Hi, I just wanted to let myself be known, I've been a lurker of yours for a while now. Sorry 'bout that :/ You're a really well writer and I love your style.
    Good luck moving, I hope everything worked out okay! 🙂


  4. @Toni Marie: Hi there! Thanks for much 🙂 everything did work out okay! (New posts up of the move and then a house tour!)


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