Dear Body: WHYYY!?

So, in case you don’t follow me on Twitter, you may not have heard that I feel like a huge piece of poo today. Yesterday morning I woke up with a super sore, scratchy throat and it only got worse during the day. Last night I was up every stinkin’ half hour (literally, I checked the clock) to go pee and throw up nasty bile. My head is throbbing thanks to the intense amount of pressure and my ear is also hurting. Not to mention, my entire body aches and is stiff. LAME. Matt is convinced it’s allergies, but I’m miserable none the less. Damn for not being able to medicate the shit out of myself until I’m better: no throat/cough syrup, no Tylenol to help with the aches, no allergy medicine. BAH. I’m one miserable Molly right now. And considering I was supposed to go to a friends’ bridal shower, I’m even more miserable. I was looking forward to munching on those fancy sandwiches and getting out of the house for a bit, sans kid.

We also didn’t hit up the park this morning like I desperately wanted to. I wanted to make it up to Nolan for the crummy day spent indoors yesterday while it rained all day long. Matt is off work today too, so I was all pumped for a family trip to the park. There’s still time, of course, and we’re going to go after Nolan wakes up from his nap and eats but I will probably not have fun since I feel so miserable already. At least Matt will be there to chase Nolan up and down the slides. I’ll just stand around looking pretty (and by pretty, I mean scrubby and run down) and take some pictures.

ANYWAY: so that’s where I am at right now. I know, people keep telling me to gurgle salt water but guess what? I can’t even drink juice right now without puking. That’s what happens when you’re pregnant and pukey to begin with, I guess. Yay me?!

Don’t get me wrong, there have been tons of highlights this morning thanks to my certain little wonder boy:

 I told him I didn’t feel well, and he climbed up on me for snuggles. This would have been super sweet and awesome if when he got off to go play he didn’t slap me across the face…sigh.
 People on TV were singing, so OBVIOUSLY Nolan had to rock out along with them!
We played with playdoh, I made him a cat. He added to it…
Kitty got bubble butt.
Anyway, Nolan is awake now so we’re all gonna get ready and sludge our way to the park.

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  1. You can take two extra strength tylenol when you're pregnant, my OB-GYN let me take it for headaches. Just no tyenol cold and flu.

    Get well soon.


  2. awe, i hope you're feeling better soon! how sweet of nolan to crawl on up and give mama cuddles. and as i was scrolling down i totally thought that cat grew some badonkadonk! lol


  3. @Danielle-Marie: That's true, I'm just paranoid lol. Thanks love!

    @Ignotus Mulier: Thanks haha, it was sweet!


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