House Tour: The Kids Bedrooms & The Hallway

Nolan would like to take you all on a tour!

 “These stairs are such fun! Be careful climbing up! Mommy makes me climb them since I can’t reach the railing yet!”
 “Up we go!”
 “Nearly there! The first door on our right is my baby siblings to be bedroom, the second door is my bedroom and the skinny door straight ahead is the linen closet where Mommy keeps towels and such! You can sort of see our bathroom door too, on the far left!”
 “Here’s my bedroom!! I have lots of building blocks! I like to build towers!”
 “There is my book shelf, my closet door, my toy box and my dump truck! I use my dump truck to transport my blocks! Mommy found the ‘Nolan’ name plate at a little kiosk in the mall last summer, I love it!”
 “Here is my car seat, change pad table, dresser and broken busy ball popper that I won’t let Mommy throw out! Daddy is going to put together my new big boy dresser as soon as he finds his drill charger. Then that dresser will go to my baby sister or brother!”
 “Here is my closet! It’s so big, even with the rest of my bedroom decorations and bedding taking up space! I like to hide in it, and jump out at Mommy when she’s putting away clothes!”
 “This is going to be the baby’s room! Right now it’s very empty. I like to run around and yell in it because my voice echos!”
 “Just another view!”
 “The baby’s closet and doorway!”
 “Right now, Mommy is using baby’s closet to store shelves that have to go up (when Daddy finds his drill charger) and clothes I’ve outgrown.”
“And here is the hallway and the doorway to Mommy and Daddy’s room!”
Haha, I’m totally lame, aren’t I? Oh well 😛 
Nolan’s bedroom still needs some TLC. We’ve run out of picture nails, so I can’t hang the rest of his pictures. I have to wait until Matt hangs Nolan’s Ikea shelf to unpack all of his little knick knacks too. I’m not sure when we’re going to move him from the crib to a big boy bed: he seems very happy in his crib still, so I don’t know.
As for the baby’s room, well that’s going to be a work in progress over the next five months! I have our theme picked out and several ideas in mind.

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  1. tamara

    lol this was cute 🙂

    i'm so jealous of all the space!


  2. @Tamara: I asked him if he wanted to take y'all on a tour and he said “yes!” lol. So tada! And thanks, I am still in shock over it all!


  3. Yeah I second the jealousy thing. lol. 😛
    Also, cute. You should do a VLOG home tour!! 🙂 when you get the second baby's room all done up. 🙂


  4. @Dramatic Mama: haha thanks. But sadly, I can't take videos 🙁 my flip cam takes them too big and any time I use the video setting on my old camera it fuzzes out. But maybe by the time I get baby #2's bedroom all done, I'll have a new camera 🙂

  5. tamara

    that was very nice of him! he did a fantastic job 🙂

    i would be too…makes such a difference i would imagine….can't wait until i'm able to move to a bigger place…tired of small basement apartment


  6. @Tamara: I know eh! He's a lover of the camera lol. I'm really spoiled, and lucky. I'm so glad we're finally able to rent a house with so much space!


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