Mama Guilt…AGAIN!

So for the past several days I have been planning out what I want to do in baby #2’s nursery. I’ve picked out several crafts that I’m going to do, all but ordered a custom made quilt from this shop and accumulated almost all of the furniture (all I need to get is the rocking chair, and a multifunctional piece of furniture that doubles as a night stand and book shelf).

Recently, we removed Nolan’s change pad table from his room. He’s too big for it (obviously, since this is the third time it’s broken mid diaper change), and there’s just no point in keeping it in his room. But, now his room looks terribly barren and I feel very guilty when I look at it. All he has is his twin sized mattress on the floor, tiny baby dresser (that will make it’s way to the baby’s room as soon as we finish painting his new, big boy dresser), and his bookshelf. He has two photos of him with both Matt and I hanging above his bookshelf and his Nolan name plate above his closet door. That’s it.

See? Barren. Empty. It doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t really feel like the warm and cozy little boy room I want for him.

This is a difficult age to consider redoing his bedroom. Nolan is two, and he loves a lot of different things. His favourite colours are red and blue, he loves to build towers out of Mega blocks and he loves all kinds of vehicles. Trucks, cars, tractors, trains, air planes – anything. He also adores animals, and has recently inherited my obsession for owls (erm, oops?).

I really don’t want him to be jealous and upset of the super cool bedroom his brother is getting, so I want to do something special for him. But, I’m at a loss. I don’t want to force him to have one theme or another, because his interests and likes change daily.

So I’ve been agonizing over ideas for him, and I thought of something that could quite possibly work. I want to focus on a red and blue themed room. His favourite colours. My sister-in-law believes the colour red provokes angry emotions in kids…but to be honest I think that’s bull, a colour is a colour to me and his face lights up when he sees something shiny and red. So. Yeah? Obviously I will be using red to accent though.

My idea was to paint the dresser we bought off Kijiji and bookshelf either navy blue or midnight blue (with black accents). I originally wanted to paint his currently oak bookshelf the same blue as his dresser, and I wanted to find a solid colour or pattern bedding set that didn’t have TV characters (but I’m not going to rush on this as he already has a perfectly good bedding set that is mainly blue). But, after talking to my dear friend Elle (and running it by several other people), I’ve decided to give Nolan my white dresser and end table and change the hardware to red knobs.

I am going to purchase two red floating shelves from Ikea As for the bed ordeal…well, we were thinking about buying a black cast iron twin bed (roughly $170), but I do happen to have a white captain’s bed currently just sitting in my SMIL’s house, waiting for us to take…

Now before, I was hell against white furniture for a boy. It just seems so girlie, but then I saw this picture on Pinterest and my opinion sort of…changed. I think it could really work, for the time being anyway! Especially when using red and blue to accent everything.

I know that when we buy our first home, we will be buying Nolan (and his brother) full bedroom sets, expensive matching ones that will last them well into college, and I’m really hesitant about buying a brand new bed when I have a perfectly good one for him, that I used when I was growing up. So, why not? I’m sure the red and blue accents in his room will help save his bed from looking anything but girlie. I think it will look very little boyish, especially when I’m done decorating it!

As for decor, I sort of wanted to go with a vintage toy theme. I also like the look of vintage bikes, trucks and airplanes. I showed Nolan some pictures and he loved them too, and he loves the vintage tricycle at his great Papa’s house. I’d love to get some prints or paintings of vintage bikes, trucks, cars and tractors to hang on his wall. I’d also love to make him a toy box to store some toys upstairs.

And I’m going to make him a flag banner too, like the one over this bed (I’m also making one for the nursery). I’m also thinking about making a few of these here yarn balls…I love them almost as much as I love paper poms, only I think that (if you kept the colours right) they’d look swell in a little boy’s room. I can always make him a few of his own little owl creations when I make them for the nursery, that way he has a little bit of everything that he loves in his bedroom!

I also think a black and white photo wall of Nolan with his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles would be pretty swell, but we’ll see!

So…yeah. I’m going to make decorating Nolan’s room a little bit into my special project, so that he also has a super cool space and doesn’t feel left out 🙂

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  1. We bought inexpensive beds for both kids at around $130 with drawers underneath for clothes. For Caleb's room I got him a big foldable Buzz Lightyear tent and that took up an entire corner. The kids still use it today and I bought it almost 8 years ago. Boys that age probably prefer room over stuff. A bookshelf, a fun toy bin. Bright colors and some of those removable decorative clings to add some character would probably suit him just as well as any fancy decorating you could do. For awhile his interests will change quite frequently. Get him a themed bedding set that is more easily changed out. There's a lot you can do that won't cost much, will make the room cozy and won't force him into a theme he may not really like in six months. 🙂


  2. @Jessa: I want to get a tent for Nolan too! I'm gonna go with bright colours and removable decorative clings. 🙂


  3. I understand how you feel! Only for me it's the other way around. Landon absolutely loves Cars and we did a Cars themed bedroom for him when we moved into this apartment. Hannah's room is still a plain, unisex baby room, with a crib, yellow bedding, a white dresser, and a glider. I figured since she's so young we'd wait until she's older to give her room a little personality. Well, now that we're moving into our new home we're do what you're doing and turn their new bedrooms into THEIR own little space. Landon's going to have a blue and red themed room too! And personally, I think red represents LOVE not anger 🙂 I think your vintage toy theme sounds awesome. You're so creative with your decor!


  4. @Danielle-Marie: Thanks love! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the kids 🙂


  5. @Danielle-Marie: Also, Sears has a blue/red kids bedding set with car sheets (not Disney Cars, but regular cars). 😉


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