Remember when we first moved into this house rental, and I gave a lovely house tour?
You’ll note that in the kitchen/dining room tour post, the cupboard doors for under the sink are missing. When we viewed the house in March, we were told that those cupboard doors would be installed before our move in date of May 1st
When we moved in on May 1st, we were told that the cupboard doors would be installed within two weeks, no later.
Obviously, it’s been a long time since we moved in. Three months, actually. And we’ve called a lot about the cupboards. Nearly weekly. First, I was told they would be ordered as soon as they could “find someone to make them”. Shortly there after, I was told they were ordered and would be in within the next few weeks. Then I was told they weren’t ordered. Then I was told they were in and would be installed! Then, I was told they hadn’t been ordered and I would get a call when they were in. On Monday of last week, Matt called and spoke to someone “in charge”. They told him our cupboard doors were in and would be installed by Friday at the latest, they just had to find a time slot for us. Okay, no problem. 
So we waited. And waited. Friday came to a close and we STILL had no cupboard doors.
I’ve tried to be patient, I really have. But here is the issue:
Anybody who has a toddler knows that not having cupboard doors under the sink is like, HORRIBLE. Toddlers absolutely LOVE to climb, and get into shit. DUH. So, not having cupboard doors poses a HUGE issue. Nolan used to try and swing on the pipes, for one. I’ve since shoved all the junk I can put there to “block it off” a bit, but the kid still steals potatoes on the daily and pulls everything he can lift out to try his swinging attempts.
So, Monday morning, I called again. I was told that the property manager was out of town for a few days. I called back today and the woman I spoke to {who actually did our move in check and stuff} let out a dramatic sigh when I said “It’s Jessica from Unit 24 calling about those cupboard doors”, then proceeded to tell me that they hadn’t been ordered yet. She acted as if she were equally annoyed with whomever is supposed to do the ordering. She told me she didn’t understand why they weren’t ordered yet, that it should have already been dealt with. Then she told me she’d call me back after “looking into it”.
The issue is they never seem to look into it, and they certainly NEVER call me back. Maybe once they have called back to tell me I’d have my cupboard doors by [insert random date here] only for that information to be false. I never end up getting my cupboard doors, do I? And both Matt and I are seriously running out of patience. We pay our rent on time, in full, all the time. We want any issues with our rental dealt with immediately, but all we seem to be getting is a total and complete run around. 
I don’t know what to do, and neither does Matt. People keep suggesting to withhold our rent, but that seriously makes me nervous. I don’t want to end up getting evicted, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories. I know that we do have some protection under the tendency act, but I know that there are ways around things {my friend was a victim of wrongful eviction, she still has to pay court fees and they still haven’t seen any “justice”}.
I know it’s JUST cupboard doors, but it’s the whole principle of things, you know? This is a rental company, not a private landlord, so it shouldn’t be this hard to get things done around here…should it?

Anyways. Rant aside…today’s been pretty cool. Nolan and I went to the grocery store and to Walmart this morning. I got all dressed up! Nolan too, although he won’t stay still for a picture. 
We’re almost ready for our trip to the property tomorrow 🙂 
I also attempted to bake a lemon sponge cake…
I got super messy, but the cake didn’t turn out at all.
I forgot to add the baking soda, apparently. Technically it wasn’t MY fault. I read the recipe word for word, but they failed to include the baking soda in the instructions part. So when the cake was already in the oven and I was cleaning up the mess, I noticed the baking soda and went…SHIT.
So, I called the husband and have asked him to pick up Betty Crocker cake mix because I am not attempting it again in this heat. Plus, baking a cake from scratch is totally exhausting! And so difficult with a toddler! I would have gone out to grab the cake mix myself, but as you can see from the above picture…I’ve destroyed today’s outfit that somewhat fits.
There was also some of this today, which is totally awesome and sorta nearly makes up for the issues with management:
Mmm, who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries?!
 I’m beyond stoked for our trip this weekend! We’ll be having a BBQ and graduation celebration for Matt. We’re leaving tomorrow morning super early, and spending the day at the lake! I’m making PB&J sandwiches for lunch, and then for dinner we’re having a steak BBQ and cake 🙂 
{Cake that won’t be made from scratch, but at least the icing will be!}
I’ll probably take thousands of pictures 😉
Hope you are all having a fantastic Friday!!

So management actually
It still isn’t fair in my opinion. We’ve been waiting SO LONG for this friggin’ cupboard doors, and they apparently have them yet we don’t get them any time soon? How unfair is that?! Matt even offered to install them himself, but they said they “legally can’t do that”. UGH. So frustrated!!!
I’m also wondering if they’re dicking us around again.

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  1. I work in real estate law and I would be tempted to order the cabinet doors myself, take that money off of the rent and send them a receipt.

    What you're going through is ridiculous. Is there anything in the lease about improvements that need to be done to the apartment?

    That's definitely a safety issue with a toddler, nevermind annoying. I'm not sure what the laws in Canada are but I would be googling for sure.


  2. I agree with Heather, fancy that! I live in the US and don't know what your laws are like there, but I would get the damn doors and deduct it from the rent.


  3. @Heather: All it says in the lease is that repairs MUST be done by the maintenance guy. Matt even offered to install them and they said legally they can't allow us to do that. I'm definitely googling tonight!

    @Heather: Hah! Two Heathers in a row lol! And I would…but I'm really not sure if they would allow that…I don't wanna get screwed over!


  4. Call the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. They'll get things moving faster. And you don't run the risk of being evicted like you would if you withheld your rent.


  5. @Danielle-Marie: I think I might…I still don't know if they actually have the cabinets or if they're just saying so again.


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