“Choo Choo N”

Today was really freakin’ busy.
Matt’s dad was supposed to visit in the morning, but he ended up canceling because he was sick. Even still, we were super busy!
Nolan and I went to a local burger joint to meet up with my friend Niki and her friends as she passed through our town after camping way up North.
I arrived an hour and a half before they even got into town, because our wires got all crossed.

While we waited, Nolan and I split a milkshake, built towers out of creamers, and experienced SEVERAL toddler outbursts at their finest. SIGH.
Then Niki and her friends arrived, and we ate and chatted with them for a bit. After lunch, I had to drop off our rent cheque {and don’t worry, I inquired about the damn cupboards – apparently the property manager will be in touch with us “soon”. OMG} and then decided to go visit my friend Brittany! 
Nolan and her daughter, Serena, played for a bit, and Brittany surprised me with this adorable gift for my baby boy:
So cute!! hehe!
We couldn’t stay long at Brittany’s because she had to work, but still it was a nice visit! Nolan ended up passing out before we got home though.
He didn’t even wake up when I parked the car! I had to poke him a few times, haha! 
We had a pretty chill evening, and Daddy finally put up Nolan’s little alphabet train stickers I bought ages ago!! I seriously love the hell out of them!

Nolan was SO excited about the “choo choo N!” {he calls most letters N haha}. I tried to get a few pictures of his excitement, but it was hard with him running around practically in circles haha. {note: that IS a potty seat on the floor, but it’s clean. I’m hoping having it in his room will encourage him to use it if he happens to get out of his diaper. Didn’t happen last night, but still…a mama can hope, right?}.

 I plan on buying the alphabet letters next! Matt wants to put them on the other wall, going up and over his red floating shelves. We shall see! I still haven’t made the flag banner I really want to make. I need to buy crafting supplies and I always seem to forget about it!
But I also like the look of this airplane banner! Nolan isn’t practically into airplanes, but he loves trains so maybe I could make a train banner? Or a car one? Or just do an airplane one to keep his room away from going to one “theme”?
And I am hoping to get a wall decal for above his bed too.
I really like this “Full of Hot Air” decal from Sissy Little! One day….
I seriously have SUCH ISSUES with spending money. I like, can’t. Even if we have “extra” I can’t ever spend it “impractically”. 
BUT, I need to get over it because I’d like to finish Nolan’s bedroom {and the baby’s room} sometime in the near future.

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  1. I wish I could even go to a restaurant with Landon. He's become such a terror lately! And I'm hearing that the terrible 3's are worse than the terrible 2's 🙁


  2. @Danielle-Marie: I will definitely be re-thinking taking Nolan to restaurants in the future. I agree, I'm terrified for the terrible 3s!


  3. We have the same alphabet train!! (Yay dollarama!) We put ours up in a straight line, kinda like a border at the top of the wall. I thought they were so cute, but they look so much better the way you guys have them!


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