It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Every where we gooooooo!
{Matt won’t let me play Christmas music until December 1st, so I’m stuck singing in my head and now on my blog haha}.
Anyways, it truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I finally got Matt to compromise on the whole Christmas thing*. No setting up the Christmas tree {or playing Christmas music} until December 1st, but everything else is free range! So I’ve been busy adding little touches of Christmas all over the house 😀 
Take a peak…
The railings:

The living room:
 6 months after we move in and Matt FINALLY hangs the wall shelf haha

 My Christmas present is the painting on the left! It’s called “Drying the Dishes”, and I forget the name of the artist but I love all the paintings and Matt will be getting me more for every occasion haha. The one on the right was a birthday present! 
The downstairs bathroom:

The dining room:
The Front Hall:
There are still a few things we need to do. Like set up the Christmas tree, and get some Dollarama Christmas hand towels for the bathroom haha. And more garland so I can finish the railing going down to the basement. 
I’d also love to find some mistletoe to hang in the doorway of the dining room, and perhaps a cool table centerpiece. I might check Pinterest for some inspiration, everything I’ve seen in stores is over my budget so I might try and make one. If not, I’ll wait until next year 😉
*I love that Matt insists on waiting until December 1st to put up the tree but can’t wait until December to give me my Christmas gifts haha! 
So, there you have it! Christmas is slowly but surely barfing all over our house and I love it!

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  1. You're showing more restraint than I would.

    I'd tell Matt to go kick rocks and start dragging the tree out and blasting Christmas music, lol.


  2. @Heather: LOL! It's been SO HARD. I've been keeping busy wrapping presents and doing all that haha. I might just tell him that because I'm realizing how ridic it is that *I* have to wait until December 1st to put up the tree but HE can give me my gifts in November? BOOO!

  3. tamara

    i love those paintings!!

    nice decorating…i don't do any real decorating except for one big paper snowflake that hangs on my wall year round…not even a tree (in my apartment)

  4. tierney

    i love the window that you have in the staircase! it really lightens up the space. also, i LOVE the little bench you have by the front door. yes, i'm nuts and looking beyond the christmas decorations to your decor and layout, haha- sorry!

    also, maybe you can cut out snowflakes from white paper and decorate them with nolan and hang them from the ceiling somewhere? just a fun crafty idea!

    the house looks great!


  5. @Tamara: Green Earth is where we got them!

    @Tierney: I love that window too, it lights SO much light into our home. And that little bench was made by my papa, out of wood from the old barn at the farm I grew up on. Good idea re: the snowflake craft!! And thank you 🙂


  6. Your house looks great. I love that you even put Christmas lights in the bathroom. It actually looks quite pretty, you should leave them up year round LOL. I feel like a scrooge. I have a tree. And a little dollar store Christmas village. The end. LOL.


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