Christmas Day & Boxing Day [photo dump]

I am joining the Christmas Recap over at Becky’s blog!!

I can’t believe how amazing Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day all were! So many memories, I love it! Honestly, Christmas is so much better with children! Seeing the magic in their eyes, seeing their excitement and joy when they get surprised…so priceless! Spending time with family is always a joy, and I’m so thankful we got to see everybody this season! 
Now it’s time for the massive photo dump from our Christmas day and Boxing day festivities. 
Christmas morning, we woke up around 8am and carried the boys downstairs. Nolan was so excited to see that Santa came!
And Archer was a little bored with his stocking…

Nolan had fun looking for his presents!
Nolan was a little unsure of his biggest gift because Matt and I were so pumped for him to open it!
Then he saw what it was, and his grin was priceless!!!
He immediately started to play with it!

Nolan’s pile of new toys!
Nolan received two construction trucks from Granny, a pirate ship, a car mat and little cars from Santa, a Chuck and Friends Race Along truck from Matt and I, several books from various people {Matt, myself, Archer and even Sketch haha}, clothes and a letter N decoration thing from Auntie Kate and Uncle Kevin, and his stocking was full of candy, undies, socks, and other little knick knacks.
 Archer got some cool toys, teething rings, and tons of clothes!
I got some really nice clothes from my Granny, and a cool hat to keep my ears warm this season! 
Matt opened the rest of his book series from the boys. I had already given him his gifts from me, he also got a $50 gift card to Bluenotes and truck parts. He got me a painting, a book {The Hunger Games} and a stroller, all gifted early because he sucks at waiting haha!
After we opened presents at our house, we rushed about, getting ready for our trip down south!
We were out of the house by 10am.

Santa found Nolan and Archer {and Matt, myself, and all of Matt’s brothers} at Nana’s house!! Nolan’s stocking was jam packed full of goodies and fun things!
Archer was sort of indifferent to the whole thing! haha.
Nolan, looking adorable in his Christmas jammies!
Nana and Grandpa Kent got Nolan a really awesome Thomas desk, which Daddy set up immediately and Nolan sat in for the rest of that night, really!

Archer slept through most of the fun 😉
Kim and Kent spoiled us all! Nolan got a remote control car, stuffed animals, and several other little things as well as the desk from Nana and Grandpa Kent. Archer got a sensory toy, and teething rings! Matt got really awesome head phones, a stocking full of really awesome stuff, clothes and we both got a new pot and pan set and a car phone and iPod charger! I got clothes, makeup, candy, annnd….
the next two books in The Hunger Game series!! Which I’m already reading, because I can’t control myself. I also got a phone cover from Kody 🙂
Boxing day we headed over to my Granny’s for eats and visits with the whole gang!
Uncle Terry, Nelson, Dalya and Archer!
Cousin Dylan reading to Nolan, and Granny and I!

Karen’s awesome ugly sweater with random Christmas dolphins!

Shannon’s home made ugly sweater, and Archer in the typical newborn baby pose with Papa’s teddy bear! We have a photo of every new baby with that bear! I’ll need to find Nolan’s and frame them both.

Nolan playing with Chloe’s Princess Castle toy, and Auntie Kate enjoying some Nolan cuddles. YES, Nolan is also wearing an ugly sweater 😉

The family, opening presents: CHAOS. And the littlest girls; Dalya and Norah {both 8ish months}

Auntie Kate!
Granny & Papa with ALL of their great grand children! {so far anyway…me thinks they need a bigger couch!}
My dad, his girlfriend T, Nolan, Archer, Xander and Dalya!
Archer and Dalya’s little monkey thing, and again but this time with Papa!

Cousin Joel holding Archer, and Dylan, Xander and Nolan playing 🙂

Karen with Nolan!

Boxing day was awesome!
Nolan got books, clothes, a cell phone toy and several other little goodies!
Matt got a toolbox full of awesome things, like Fireball Whiskey and some mechanic clothes.
I got more awesome clothes, and bath stuff!
Archer also got clothes and some sensory toys! AND Shannon bought him a 1st Christmas ornament!

I seriously love hanging out with my family. The entire day was jokes. I have some pretty rad, hilarious, fun loving family members!
I’m so thankful we were able to get a few pictures of Granny and Papa with all the great grand kids, and of my dad with the kids.

So, that was Christmas!!!

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  1. AMAZING pictures!

    I do have to ask tho… what's boxing day? I've heard of it before but I can't remember.


  2. @Sacha….xoxo: It was wonderful! And thank you 🙂 Merry Christmas to you as well.

    @Beautiful Mess: Thanks!!! Boxing day is December 26th, its when EVERYTHING goes on sale for like 95% off.


  3. I LOVE these pictures! And it looks like you all got great gifts 🙂 I'm so happy you guys had a great Christmas!


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