It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for the Restless Blog Hop, hosted by Christa and cohosted by Renee :0)
I love blog hops, really I do. Thanks to this blog hop in particular, I am addicted to SO MANY awesome blogs!! And those blogs are what keeps me awake during night time feedings haha!!

young and restless

Anyways…a little about me.
Well, my name is Jessica. I go by anything really, Jessica, Jess, Jessi, whatever.
I’m 22 years old and the mama to two beautiful baby boys, Nolan {2 and a half} and Archer {nearly 3 months}. I’m married to a wonderful guy named Matt. All three of these crazy characters make frequent appearances on my blog!!
I blog about life and all that comes with it. Right now, I’m a SAHM mom so most of my stories are full of kids and all that jazz. I enjoy babywearing and am breastfeeding, but I’m not an activist by any means. I mostly enjoy blogging about what works for us, and breastfeeding and babywearing works for us :0)
I’m not just a mom blogger though! I also blog about marriage, hopes, dreams, even interior decorating on occasion! I post what I want when I want, because that’s how blogging works in my mind.
I know that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, I also blog about the not so great things in life and try to keep it real. My life is FAR from perfect, and you won’t catch me pretending it is! ;0)
I have a secret hobby: taking pictures. Only I don’t have a fancy camera, or an “eye” for it…not really anyway. Maybe one day I’ll learn, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing what I think are my “good shots”! Seriously though…how can pictures of kids NOT be good shots?!
So there you have it! That’s me in a nutshell. The best way to get to learn more about me is to read my posts, of course!

Happy hopping folks!

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  1. I know everything about you, because I basically stalk you. lmao. 😛

    Also, I love that you do the Restless Blog Hop almost every Friday, because I always forget until you post. lmao.


  2. I am your new follower form the hop..pls follow back if you can. Your boys are BEAUTIFUL! good for you!


  3. @dramaticmama: yeah, and you know that if I open a bag of Ketchup Chips and it smells like fart…I'll still eat them LOL! Glad I reminded you ;0)

    @Nikki Darlin': Thanks lol we're sorta matching I guess! I'm wearing a new shirt my granny bought me for Xmas, its white and black stripes. Archer is wearing a pale blue and brown striped sleeper but they do look like they match! I took that pic on my webcam, actually {which is why its grainy, for some reason}…I still like it though! I tried to con Nolan into getting in the pic but he wouldn't hah.

    @Jodi: Hi Jodi!!! :0) nice to meet you! I'll be checking out your blog in just a minute hhaha <3 thank you for the comment and follow!!

    @Mallory: Hi Mallory, thanks for stopping by! And thank you 😀

    @momto8: awwh thank you so much!!


  4. Hey there! Found you via Daneille-Marie! You have adorable children! Can't wait to read more!


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