Goals for the New Year

Happy New Years friends!

What are your plans for this New Year? I personally have no idea what we’ll be doing yet. We actually have a sitter if we want to go out. STOP THE PRESSES! I know, it’s crazy. I definitely wasn’t expecting it, I thought we were destined to have a night in due to lack of sitters in this town, but Matt’s step mom said she’d watch the kiddos if we wanted to go out tonight.
I’m still not sure though…I’m really not a party girl at all anymore. I mean, I will have one or two glasses of wine…but I can no longer “party” like I used to be able to do!
I sort of would rather stay home, I think. I’ve never actually seen New Years fireworks in person, and I don’t think I want to “go out” unless real live fireworks are going to be in the itinerary.
Regardless, no matter what we decide to do…I’m sure it will be fun!
NOW, on with the obligatory goals for the New Year!!
I do this every year, and to be honest with you I can’t even remember what my goals for last year were. But this year, I am determined to follow through on at least one or two of my goals, as they are very important to me. 
Without further ado…

My goals for 2012:
+ Strengthen our marriage. Matt and I both need to learn how to communicate better, how to listen to one another, and how to be more aware of each others feelings. Way too often we BOTH put our own needs/desires before the other, we both see our own side of things and are super stubborn about accepting responsibility for our actions. I’m, at times, more guilty than he is at all of that, but he has his moments too. So, we need to strengthen our marriage and work on the things that need working on. This isn’t a bad thing, at all. Every single relationship takes work. Our relationship is the foundation of everything else though, so we need to make it undeniably strong. 
+ Get healthier. I need to stop eating junk food, I need to start exercising more. Come January 1st, I’m going to cut junk food out of my life {except for the occasional treat, nobody is perfect after all!}. Instead of having junk for snacks, I’m going to make sure our fridge is full of healthy snacking options. So please, share your healthy snack recipes/ideas with me! 
+ Find balance. In everything. Like Devan from Accustomed Chaos, I also have a lot of issues finding balance between all those important factors in my life. Marriage, health, self, kids, housework, etc. I so often let one or two things on my list fall into the forgotten pits of I’ll do it later, more often than not it’s my self, health, and housework. It’s good that I put my kids and my husband first, but I need to start thinking of me too.
+ Get organized. I seriously feel as if stuff is taking over our household. Random stuff that we barely use, just consuming us. I don’t like to be consumed by things, so I’m going to start purging things we don’t need from our home. I want to live simpler.
+ Write more. And then write some more ;0)
…So there you have it.
I think my goals are [mostly] realistic. I might be reaching a little far with the whole “be healthier, no more junk food” thing, but hey…I’ve gotta give it a try!
I hope you all have a very happy and SAFE new years eve/day. :0)

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  1. I read this the other day but couldn't comment because Blogger comments make me crazy. Grr.

    I've been trying to get more organized, too, little by little. It's not easy. Some days, I'm ruthless and the whole “pile” I'm going through goes right into the trash or To Donate bag. Other days, I can't part with anything in the pile I'm going through. There must be something wrong with me, haha.

    I need to find a way to hold you accountable for your writing goal… I want to read your stories, dammit! (; I think I'm going to just start forwarding you emails about writing contests. *evil grin*



  2. Great goals 🙂 Best of luck on all of these! I know exactly what you mean about needing to strengthen your marriage (not yours specifically, just in general)…something we should all work toward!


  3. @Liz: I don't have that many issues at all with Blogger haha! Blogger must hate you ;0) and you do need to hold me accountable for my writing goal.

    @Caitlin: Thanks! And we definitely all should ;0)


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