Hidey Seek

Last night, when Nolan was in bed, Matt and I decided to set up his Toy Story 2 tent that his Auntie Nat and Uncle D bought him. I couldn’t wait to see his face, and I even made Matt come downstairs ahead of us so he could take pictures of his expression!

 When he went inside, he declared a game of hidey-seek. haha, so cute!
We also opened up his Magic Etch A Sketch! I had one when I was a kid, so did Matt, so we were both stoked to see him try it out…
 So very concentrated
Sketch is also a big fan of the “hidey-seek” tent!
Nolan’s really enjoying all his new Christmas toys, and I’m really enjoying watching him enjoy them, and playing with him! 
I still haven’t opened up the rest of his presents, or started to organize his old toys. I plan on keeping some old toys, the ones that Archer will be interested in at 6 months and stuff, but Nolan has a serious amount of toys so most of them need to go and I really wanted to donate them somewhere! So I placed a call into the transitional house, to see if they accept toy donations. If not, I’m going to see if the EYC could use them. 
 Also, I don’t know if you follow me on Twitter or not, but last night was a pretty difficult baby night. At 5pm, Nolan accidentally smacked heads with Archer when he was trying to climb on the couch beside us. Archer cried for a good ten minutes but I was able to calm him down shortly after. He didn’t have a bump or a bruise, and it was just a little red for about 10 minutes. After we put Nolan down, Archer let me know he was hungry, so I tried to nurse him on my right boob. Then he freaked right out, and I couldn’t calm him down for the life of me. I called my MIL, and she recommended giving him a little Tempra as he could have a headache. So we did that, and after 15 minutes he calmed back down but refused to nurse on my right boob {his left side, where they bumped heads} for the rest of the night, even after I pumped off {thinking that it was just too “full”}. I had to get up at 5am to pump off on that side because it was SO full that I had leaked through my nursing pad AND shirt and it just wasn’t stopping. I managed to get like 5 ounces in a matter of 5-7 minutes ahah!
I was really worried, but I’m thinking the whole boob refusal thing was just a coincidence, because a lot of mama’s on Twitter said they experienced a boob refusal at some point during their nursing times. Plus, this morning he nursed on my right boob fine. Of course, he could have just had a headache and laying on that side yesterday might have just hurt. But he is fine today, so all is well!
And, since I was able to pump lots of milk in the past 12 hours {10 ounces! WOO!}, I’m going to be taking Nolan outside to play in the snow later today! It’s super cold out, but I figure the fresh air will do us both good, and Daddy can hang out with Archer. I hope that somehow the snow will be packing snow, but we’ll see. Usually up North it’s too cold until about MARCH for packing snow haha. Still, I can pull Nolan around in his sled, and make snow angels 🙂
Now, I’ve got to run because Nolan is bringing me over all his Christmas books, so it’s story time!

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  1. The tent pics are great. Hannah and Landon bonk heads about 12 times a day, she doesn't cry anymore. Good for you for breast feeding. I never did it but it definitely seems more complicated than it looks.


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