More Visiting!

Yesterday, Matt’s Aunt Stella and Uncle Dale came early in the morning to visit, and give us all presents they bought {bad bad bad!}. 
 Archer with Aunt Stella!
 Nolan got the Little People Animal Sounds Zoo from Aunt Stella and Uncle Dale.
 Uncle Kody setting it up!
 Uncle Kody playing with Nolan and his new toy haha!
 Archer passed out on Daddy’s lap! So peaceful.
Playing with his new toy!
Then, after Aunt Stella and Uncle Dale left, my friend Robyn popped in for a visit!
I had fun catching up with her. I can’t wait until we move closer, so I can see her more often! She’s a one of a kind friend, and she just adores Nolan, clearly!
We are heading home today, so not looking forward to taking down the tree! Matt threw out the box because it was destroyed, so that sucks. Guess it’s gonna sit on the futon until we find one of those totes Jenn’s boyfriend told us about. 
Also, I’m going to have tons of fun reorganizing all of the new toys and old toys! I’m going to be cleaning for weeks.

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  1. @Nikki Darlin': haha yeah they are! I wanna find out where she got them. Nolan loved them!


  2. OMG those ear muffs are cuuuuuuute! Also, Toys-R-Us has exploded in my house. Time to donate fo sho!


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