Seriously?! Thursday v.12

+ I am such an idiot. I paid our Union Gas bill on the 21st, totally forgetting that it comes out of our bank account on the 28th. Yesterday, it did just that and now we’re short 83 bucks…which I was sort of counting on for gas and shit. SUCH a drag. I’m gonna call Union Gas tomorrow, to see if they can give me my money back but I highly doubt they will. They’ll probably just give me a credit on the account, which is great but it doesn’t help me out in the mean time. SUCK!
+ I’ve never had issues nursing with Archer before, but the past 26 hours have been seriously difficult. He refuses to nurse on my right side. He cries and gets super tense, yet he’ll take my left boob without complaint. My left nipple is beginning to hurt, from all the extra attention it’s getting {usually I alternate}. I’ve tried everything…different positions, lying down, and the only thing that worked was when I “tricked” him. I held him as if I was going to nurse him on my left side, but twisted my body and held my right boob into his mouth. It was painful for me {for my back and arms, anyway} so I couldn’t do it for long.

+ Speaking of breastfeeding, I saw this awesome photo on Facebook that made me say A-FREAKING-MEN! and just had to share it here too:

+ We finally picked out the one. You know, the crib we’ll be getting for Archer. We just have to wait until our money transfers over to the credit card, then we can order it online! MINT!

+ Matt is going to be gone all day tomorrow, helping his brother move. I haven’t had a truly “alone” day with both boys in forever…it’ll be good practice, as Matt’s supposed to be going back to work at the old shop soon.
+ I cannot WAIT to move back home…I’m seriously missing my friends and family.

+ Nolan is super adorable, but you already knew that!!! Seriously though, every single night we must read Dr. Sesus’ sleep book, and then we cuddle and we talk about our day. Tonight I told him I had to shower because I stank, and he said “GO mommy! Go shower! You stink!” haha. Love you too kiddo!

+ I’m loving the hell out of my new Paula Deen pot and pan set, from my MIL and SFIL! Seriously awesome.

 + My living room is a disaster…so many toys everywhere! I know that everyone elses’ living rooms probably resemble mine, thanks to Christmas, but it’s driving me insane. Coupled that with the fact that I can’t vacuum thanks to my busted vacuum. EW. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crawled around picking up bits of fluff, cat hair, and crackers/dry cereal.

+ The obsessive compulsive cleaner in me is freaking the eff out, I’m falling so far behind in like everything. Laundry especially. The bathrooms and kitchen are always clean, but the clutter everywhere is just consuming me. I want to purge my house of all the things we don’t really need or use that just take up space, but I have no idea where to begin. It doesn’t help that any time I start to clean, somebody {either baby or toddler} starts freaking out.
+ It feels like it’s been forever since I had a relaxing, quiet evening. Archer’s fussy time seems to last from when Nolan goes down until I take him to bed around 11 lately. Even as I type this, he’s being super fussy. Matt is allowing me a moment to blog, so I can regain some sense of sanity. It sucks cause he used to just hang out with us and be super chill, except for when he wanted boob which was an easy fix. This whole stretch he goes back and forth from wanting the boob and not wanting anything. 
+ Along with that last few points/thoughts/whatever, I’m feeling a little depressed. Like I’ve lost a lot of who I am again. I feel like I was just beginning to get me back, and now I’m feeling like I’m loosing it. Maybe I’d feel differently if I owned one pair of pants that actually fit properly {and wasn’t maternity wear}. I always seem to get bummed out during the winter months. Maybe I’m feeling the major isolation or something??
+ Honestly, I’m blessed and I know that, I am thankful every single moment of the day for my family and our life. Even if things get stressful, or if I don’t always feel like me, or if I’m having issues breastfeeding/etc.
+ I’m still really scared about moving. This rental company has been known to rip people right off, and make them pay for like EVERYTHING under the sun. I just know we’re going to have to pay for new carpets, and to fix the crappy paint and repair job they did on the walls…ugh.

+ My car seriously needs to get in to a mechanic, stat. It’s not acting up or anything {except the whole windshield wiper fluid line not really existing right now}, but it’s been about a year and a half since it was last serviced!!! I’m gonna see if my dad will pick us up later on in January, just because I won’t be able to afford fixing my car and paying for my bridesmaid dress. UGH.

+ Sometimes, I get really frustrated with the direction my blog is going. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and I love the friendships I’ve made and the readership I’ve gained, but I’d love to earn a slight income off it, just to help out each month, but am at a total loss for how to do that! Don’t worry, I won’t be stopping blogging or going on a blogging strike. I’m still SUPER addicted ;o) I just need to find another way to make ends meet. Maybe by freelancing? Anybody know how to get a slice of the freelancing pie?

+ Speaking of pies…I was tossing the idea around with Matt’s Aunt Stella about becoming a real estate agent. She used pie as an analogy, when I asked her if it was competitive and she told me that it’s not like one pie and everybody trying to grab a slice, but more like tons of pies, enough pies for everyone to have a piece. I think I’d like to sell houses. I love houses, I really do. And Stella says it’s not a really physically demanding job, and that I do have the personality for it. I just need to figure out if I can afford to pursue it, both time wise and money wise {probably not}.

+ At first when Matt said he wanted to go home yesterday, I was super bummed out that I wouldn’t get to be going out on New Years Eve. Staying down south would mean several possible babysitters for the kids, but being back home {here} means no babysitters at all. But Matt is planning on staying in with me NYE, because he doesn’t think it’s fair that I wouldn’t be able to go out too. He offered to stay in with the kids, but I’d rather spend my NYE with him, so I’m totally stoked for this. We’ll probably watch some Sons and cuddle, maybe crack open a bottle of wine or something :o)

+ Am I the only one who thinks people are mad at them when they reply to a text message with one or two words and a period? Like, “don’t know.” for example? I always read those messages as “uninterested in talking to you” or something. HA! I’m so paranoid.

…holy smokes, I had a lot of rants today haha.

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  1. That breastfeeding picture? Jolena posted that and omfg, did you read the comments? Heather was all over that causing shit, Jolena ended up deleting it and Heather blocked her. :/
    I don't understand why it's ok for girls to dress like hookers and post racey pics, but breastfeeding holy shit that is EVIL and not acceptable! :/

    I love that crib! It's really cute!

  2. Tierney

    Hey! Two of my friends are in the process of writing their real estate license and we live in Ontario, too, so I thought I'd give you some details! It's in three sessions (I believe) so you pay as you go, rather than one lump sum of money so that's a bonus! Also, you can opt to do it online so you get to go at your own pace. Once you register you actually get to choose the date you write the exam on (here, in Hamilton it's at Mohawk College and it's offere every Saturday, hopefully it's similar to where you live). You can estimate how long it'll take you to get through the book and then base when you write on that. It took each of my friends about a month of studying before writing. AND if you fail once, that's okay because you can just re-book and write for free. They'll tell you exactly where you went wrong and what to focus on for the next time! I hope this was encouraging- it seems like it'd be a reall good job for you with the kids- especially because you can do it all at your own pace! Good luck!!


  3. @dramaticmama: I didn't see that exchange…to be frank I blocked HP because I couldn't stand the amount of stupid and intolerance that came out of her mouth. I'm not one to allow drama into my life willingly haha! I don't understand it either. Camille {blogger at Crazy Mama!} wrote a good post about BEING the nursing mom, it's pretty rad. Check it out:

    @Tierney: Oh, Stella said you had to go to classes? That some were available online, but some required you to go in? I have no idea lol. I do like the idea of paying as I go, that way if I decide it's not for me, I didn't pour a lot into it you know. Matt is all for it. We just have to find the funds to start I suppose. I'll have to look in where I can go about getting it in Oshawa area, if we move back, or up North here :0) thanks for the tips!

  4. Tierney

    My friend said you could do them all online- the first one was $480 she thinks. I think it'd be really good for you, you can go at your own pace and pick up as many or as little houses as you want. It seems like the ideal job for someone with kids and a family! Good luck, keep us posted!


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