this & that vol. 7

It’s been a crazy busy week, and I’ve loved [mostly] every minute of it!
I took a lot of cute phone pictures this week.
I will be linking up with Amy, you should too – if you have cell phone pictures to share!! :0)
Monday we went to my Granny’s for Christmas dinner! It was an “ugly sweater party”, my Granny didn’t know a thing about it – it was fun to surprise her. We watched home videos from when I was really little {like, younger than Nolan little} and it hit me just how much Nolan resembles me. Mannerisms, expressions, even his sing-song voice. Nolan was so tired by the time 8pm rolled around! But before we left, he had time to cuddle with his cousin Dylan! :0)
Tuesday Matt’s Aunt and Uncle came over, and they brought presents! Archer got a white onesie and Nolan got a black t-shirt. After they left, Archer was miserable and then Robyn came over :0)
 Wednesday we headed home. Our windshield wiper fluid line was still busted, so Matt had to pull into every single gas station we passed to clean off the salt from the windshield. When we got home to our disaster of a house {dirty laundry piling up the stairs from the basement, Christmas boxes and toys EVERYWHERE}, I fed the baby for what seemed like hours and then cleaned my kitchen. We opened up Nolan’s new digital camera.
 Thursday I woke up at 5am to pump, because Archer had refused to feed on that side all night and my boob was literally overflowing haha. I got like 5 ounces in a matter for minutes, it was crazy! When Nolan woke up, we broke out the play doh set his great Nana bought him for Christmas and had TONS of fun with that :0) Nolan had a good eating day and Archer was in a pretty great mood all day too. So, in conclusion, Thursday kinda rocked ;0)

Friday was just plain old fantastic! Nolan rocked his new {super awesome} slippers, Archer started to show a REAL interest in that little blue elephant sensory toy, Nolan demonstrated how to drink from your sippy cup with dirty hands {that’s how he drinks all the time when his hands are dirty haha} and we had a BLAST making a massive mess, clearly. 
When Nolan came back downstairs after quiet time, we played with puzzles until Matt got home from helping his brother move, then it was daddy snuggle time! My vacuum cleaner died a week ago, and Matt tried his hardest to fix it but the motor was done and it was cheaper to buy a new one rather than pay to fix our old crappy one so I GOT A NEW VACUUM! It’s so light and it sucks so well haha! You have no idea just how happy I was to vacuum last night, after nearly two weeks of not being able to!!! And Nolan started a new thing…playing with his food. Nobody taught him this, so I thought it was really interesting.
So, that was our week! How was yours?

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  1. And Happy New Year! Aren't those old videos so fun to watch!?..


  2. @momto8: old videos definitely are fun to watch! Happy New Year to you as well :0)


  3. Aw your kiddos are so cute and that is cute you show pics of each day! How funny. I wonder if my kids will have the same mannerisms as me when they are young! Interesting and those onesies with the funny sayings are just great!


  4. @Ashley from Sloanbook: Thank you!! I do take a lot of pics ahah! I always recommend watching home videos, just to see! I was pleasantly surprised that Nolan is basically me reincarnated, even if he looks 100% like Matt :0) LOVE geeky sayings on shirts and onesies haha. I want to get Archer the onesie that had a picture of a coffee cup and said “double double with breastmilk please”


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