Good Luck Friday!

Happy Friday friends!

My girls Christa and Nikki are hosting the Restless Blog Hop, which of course I’m participating in because I do every Friday and it’s tons of fun. So, join up if you can! And if you’re new from the hop, say hi and stuff. I’m friendly, and I don’t bite. Much ;0)

young and restless

Today has been a pretty good day so far. I woke up early and got all “dolled up”. Then, after breakfast, Matt dropped the boys and I off at the EYC and we had so much fun! Nolan played in the snow, Archer got to sit in his favourite chair, one of the little girls turned 3 and her mama bought cupcakes and we had a little party! Seriously, the cupcakes were SO delicious!

It’s amazing to me just how much Nolan’s vocabulary has expanded in the past few weeks, since we started going to the EYC on a regular basis. When we were getting ready to leave, Nolan said “no Mommy! It’s circle time!” (we were leaving before circle time was over because Nolan wasn’t sitting still for it, and because I was hungry). Then I told him to say goodbye to everyone, that we would see them later and he said “BYE EVERYONE! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!” It’s craziness.

Also crazy??? Is the amount of snow we have…

Matt tried to get out of driving me today (thus forcing the boys and I to stay home all day, no dice) by saying it was “too snowy out”. He ended up not going to his doctors office but that was mostly because his doctors office is located in another town, on a back road and the snow plows hadn’t gotten out there yet. However, I still forced him to drive us because he’s totally not allowed to tell me we can’t go somewhere or do something because of snow, since he was the one who forced my Southern Ontario butt up North. Plus he’s really good at driving in the snow so I’m not at all worried! I, however, can’t drive in snow to save my life. I told y’all about that time I tried to park and ended up backing into a snow bank FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. Yeah.

When we got home, we had some lunch, called Nana on face-time and then Nolan kept basically falling arse over tea kettle due to being tired so we put him down for quiet time. I’m pretty sure he’s napping right now, and so is Archer (and Matt)…hence me blogging.

After Nolan went down for his quiet time, I was able to clean my kitchen and have some fun floor time with Archer!

Archer passed out while I had a fun face-time chat with JD:

And here I am, blogging and stuff. Can I just say that I’m pretty impressed with Friday so far? I wrote this post late last night/early this morning, when it felt like I had gone days without getting me time. Matt and I had a huge talk last night about it, about how I really need to take more time for me, to relax and recharge because when I put myself on the back burner for too long at a time, I end up burning out and getting depressed.

But today is really making up for the lack of me time lately and I’m entirely grateful for that. It felt awesome getting out with the boys this morning and being social, and then having this time now – it’s all exactly what I needed.

I guess 13 is still my lucky number!!! This “cast aside” number has always brought me luck. I hope it’s treating all my bloggy friends nicely too!


  1. tierney

    I can't believe how much snow you have!! Here in southern ontario we have ohhh…about NONE! But, I'm actually cool with that because it means easier driving & walking lol. Also, can I just say: if i can be as thin as you are after having a baby, I'd be in heaven. I don't even think I'm that thin now sans baby! I love archers hair, too! Happy you got out of the house, even with all the snow! Have a good weekend 🙂


  2. Glad it was a good day for you. We got dumped on by snow too…finally. I'm not impressed. But I guess we couldn't avoid it forever. Seriously considering getting myself an iPhone…


  3. @tierney: I can't believe it either, it's gross haha! I wish we could trade. Then I wouldn't have to make Matt drive me everywhere! And thank you 🙂 you have a good weekend too!

    @Danielle-Marie: Thanks!!! I'm glad it was too. GET AN IPHONE. SERIOUSLY. I never thought I'd say that, but here I am saying that lol.


  4. Looks like you had a good day. I'm glad you got your “me” time, it's very important to take time to yourself otherwise you will get burned out and that only hurts your family.

    13 has always been my favorite number too! Is this another Jessica thing? lol.

    I can't get over how cute your boys are! 😀

    Hope Friday was an indication to how your weekend will be. Crossing my fingers it's good for you!


  5. you're so skinny for just having a baby. and he has more hair than my 1 year old!
    following from the restless blog hop.


  6. @Beautiful Mess: I did have a good day 🙂 and it is!! Haha the 13 thing must be another Jessica thing 😉 and thank you!!! They are pretty cute, huh?

    @Krista: haha thanks!!


  7. Thank you Bailey!!! The snow is amazing but cold and I don't like to be out in it haha!


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