Our Week in Cell Phone Pics

I took a LOT of cell phone pics this week. Plus I’ve been using LemeLeme more too. It’s kinda like Instagram, but of course falls short of being Instagram. I honestly cannot wait until Instagram comes to Android!! That’s the only thing that bums me out about not having the iPhone. Aside from that, in my humble opinion, the iPhone doesn’t have much going for it haha! ANDROID ALL THE WAY!

Usually Amy hosts a linky but I think she might still be on vacation…so I guess I’ll be waiting to link up or something ahha!

Anyways, our week:

Monday everybody woke up super late, so I didn’t bother taking the kids to the EYC! It just wasn’t happening ;0). Instead, we played on the ground, and I tested out my new carrier thanks to JD! Archer likes it! Then in the evening, Matt made an incredibly cool obstacle course for Nolan’s monster trucks! And I had to include that picture of Archer because, well he’s adorable!!!

Tuesday morning Nolan woke up super early to watch the neighbour in his diesel truck. Then I took Archer to the baby group, and he met his friend Mason who is so incredibly tiny and new! Mason made Archer look like a giant haha. That afternoon, I cleaned and set up Nolan’s play room…finally! Matt and Nolan played silly games and then I took a bunch of pictures of Matt because he’s a hottie, duh.

Wednesday was pretty fun. I admired Archer’s adorable robot jammies…robot things are the cutest. I even changed Archer into a fresh robot sleeper before I took them to the EYC! Heh. I want to do a robot themed bedroom for the boys, I think! Nolan was also dressed very spiffy in his new striped gray shirt from cousin Joel! And that evening, Matt drew me an adorable picture of “us under the stars”. AWWW!

Thursday Nolan snuggled up with his custom made Trendy Tags dino! My friend Erin makes them but she’s currently on a break, I’ll probably be posting a review/shout in the future to her when she starts it back up again! Both Nolan and Archer got one for Christmas, only Archer’s is a little owl. SO SWEET. Anyways, Archer played with his elephant a lot (he loves that thing), I made stew and Nolan made Matt give him a “yeehaw” ride.

Friday I got all dolled up, went for coffee with Matt (and the kids) and then went to the EYC (and Archer was mega tired). I took several pictures of Nolan but none of them turned out because the kid was all over the place! He helped one of the EYC employees lace things, started several crafts (but of course didn’t finish them), and rode the tricycle during gym time! Then they played with the parachute and I literally had to drag Nolan away because we had to leave early to meet with the Shriners guys. Then I “styled” Archer’s hair and he reminded me of Tin Tin so I had to take a picture ahha!

And that was essentially our week. :0) It was fairy good, despite my several, um, meltdowns.

I still can’t wait for Instagram to come to Android!! Seriously. LemeLeme isn’t that bad, but it has a lot of errors and it’s all in Chinese or something so it’s hard to understand. Plus, Instagram’s sharing network is WAY cooler!!! I hope it comes to Android very soon!!!

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  1. Awh!!! I am glad that you and Archer liked the carrier. It came in handy last winter when Dustin was Archers age. 🙂 (better then pushing a stroller through the sidewalk slush). 😉

    Also, you really are a gorgeous girl Jess, I am envious that you don't need to wear make up and still look really good. <3 And your hubby is a hottie. haha! Those pictures make him look hawt! 😉


  2. @dramaticmama: Yeah it definitely is better than pushing a stroller through the sidewalk slush! And thank you, although…you should see me *right now*. I am so disgustingly sick I look like hell!!! I'm also very lucky to have such a hottie for a husband ahah!

  3. tierney

    I'm viewing this on my phone so it's a bit small but I LOVE the picture from Tuesday with Matt and Archer doing the same fist-to-cheek thing! Super cute!


  4. Love your cell phone pics…there's nothing like seeing a real peek into a beautiful family's lovely life! 🙂 Love you “dolled up” photo, and your boys are SO SO PRECIOUS! Happy to hear that your week was fairly good…and don't feel bad: meltdowns happen for everyone. 😉

    Happy week ahead!! xo


  5. @tierney: Yeah I love that picture too! Matt didn't even know Archer was copying him haha!

    @Ashley {hudson's happenings}: Aww thank you so much! You made my morning ahha!


  6. Eff they're cute. That picture of Nolan in the striped shirt is soooo adorable. And I love Archer's “Tin-Tin” do. Also, I'm starving and that stew looks amazing. I wish I had the stuff to make stew right now. I really need to go to the EYC here. Every time I say I'm gonna, I don't. LIVE HERE. SO WE CAN GO TOGETHER.


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