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I’ve been slacking in the week in posts, I know. But this week I think I more than made up for it!! I took so many pictures, I should probably be sent to rehab for Instagram!!!

Anyways…our week:

The boys and I went to the EYC, but I mostly just took pictures of before/after. I love that picture of Nolan and I (although it’s blurry, thanks to the front camera haha!) and that picture of Matt! He’s so attractive 😉 hehe.
The afternoon was pretty lazy. Matt and Nolan searched for some houses/apartments down south, and then Matt the Zombie chased Nolan around. We call it prep for the apocalypse. Now that’s great parenting 😉

I was going to go to baby group but…I got lazy. I need to force myself to go this week because I’m really curious to see how much Archer weighs now. Instead, the boys and I just hung out all day. Nolan and I read a lot of books at his newly fixed table from Karen (yeah, I waited one year for Matt to fix it haha!). More cuddling happened in the afternoon, I got my hair all prettied up, and then in the evening Archer decided he didn’t like life very much and wanted to be sure I knew about it. 

Another cold winter morning spent at the EYC. I got all dressed up for it too 🙂 (Note the empty roll of TP – forget “meatball issues”, that’s straight up toilet paper issues). Nolan got to bring home the popcorn snowman he made and it’s now hanging on my fridge. It’s the first actual craft he’s completed at the EYC!!! Be still my heart 😉 I need to figure out a way to preserve this forever and break it out whenever he brings a girlfriend home.
All afternoon, Nolan couldn’t stop loving on his little brother and kept asking to hold him. He had an adorable huge grin on his face the entire time. They even played together on the floor! I love that Nolan’s taking more and more of an interest in his little brother, and he’s more mindful of Archer now too. Nolan had tons of kisses and love for me too 😉
Matt and Archer had several lovely conversations, mostly involving my pretty paintings – Archer is obsessed with them. He loves to stare at them and talk to them and smile at them. I think his “type” of girl is gothic rebel. Nolan figured out how to flip open the “lock” and kept going into the fridge, so we put a legit lock on it and he was all “oooh man!” It helps because it keeps me out of the fridge too haha! Then after a really long day, Daddy and baby fell asleep in the most awkward position ever on the couch. Don’t worry, I woke him up after I took that picture!

My sweet little Archer bean woke up with a huge, beautiful smile on his face. Nolan joined us in our room for a family sesh of cuddles! Sketch was even there. 
Family sesh of cuddles ended with Nolan sitting on Matt’s head saying “go downstairs Daddy?!” Nolan’s afternoon quiet time was spent in his room not being quiet. Instead, he and I mostly just played silly games while Matt and Archer cuddled downstairs. 
Matt counted up his change and brought me a much needed coffee – can you believe we’ve been out for nearly a MONTH now!? I need to get more next shopping trip – and I took a picture because Matt was laughing at my need to have the seam at the back of the cup before I’ll drink from it. Even when we’re in the car driving, I’ll switch the lid around if the seam is “wrong”. He laughs every time! Matt went out to help out his cousin and Archer was being a grouch so I put him in the carrier and he chilled right out. Then Nolan and I played with play-doh for nearly two hours straight! It was so awesome watching his imagination unfold as he made the play-doh people “come to life”. More on that later! 

We went to the EYC but I didn’t take pictures at all really all day! Until night time when Nolan went to bed. Archer talked more to Matt about the paintings, and then he had some lovely belly time (he’s getting so good at belly time! He doesn’t really fuss anymore. I’m expecting him to start rolling over any day now!). I snuggled with Miss Kitty after realizing it had been a long time since I got to spend some one on one time with her. Seriously, I just called for her and she came upstairs and jumped right on my lap for snuggles. Matt went out to hang out with one of his friends, and in between comforting both kids I got to read some of my book. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I’ve been taking my time with it because once I’m finished that’s the end of the series and it makes me sad, so I wanted to drag it out as long as I possibly could. I read 4 chapters last night before forcing myself to put it down!
So, that was our week and it was pretty awesome. Next week is going to be even more awesome, because not only am I going to stick to our EYC schedule, but I’m going to actually incorporate some cleaning so I don’t feel like such a failure at domestic duties 😉 Seriously, I’ve been slacking lately. I’ve written a post about that as well.

My goals for next week are to come up with a chore schedule, and stick to it. It’s so easy to make lists and schedules, the sticking to them part is hard!! But since I’m doing so well with the EYC three times a week, I figured now is a good time to try setting up a schedule for chores.

I’ll get back to you next week on how successful that was.

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  1. Okay…I can't decide which one is my favourite. The one of you and Nolan with your FABULOUS bangs. Or the one of you with your hair up looking super gorgeous. Or the adorbs one of Matt and Archer sleeping!


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