You Know You’re A Mom When…

You know you’re a mom when…

you actually feel so relaxed you almost fall asleep when you’re getting cavities filled at the dentist, despite the fact that dental procedures make you have anxiety attacks. Somehow, be it the laughing gas and numb mouth, I was able to get a 20 minute nap while at the dentist yesterday. Before becoming a mom? That wouldn’t have happened.

you end every evening talking to your husband in whispered voices about all the awesome things your kids did during the day. This is literally how Matt and I end every single day. We lay in bed, with both kids asleep in their respectable sleeping zones, and just talk about all the funny/awesome/incredible things our kids did.

you actually have to say things aloud like “don’t pick at your bum!”, “don’t tug at your winky!” and “do NOT pee on your brother!” more than 5 times a day. Potty training is just awesome, isn’t it?

you consider “me time” to be any length of time where you can pee/brush your teeth/shower without interruption. Although, all my “me time” is interrupted.

sex is no longer as simple as “when ever, where ever”. Because, as above, any alone time you get, even with your husband, is interrupted more often than not, and when it’s not interrupted you’re both either too tired or someone doesn’t feel well. Or kids are awake.

instead of buying a stitch of clothing for yourself, you buy new clothes for the kids. Because, you know, their entire closets and dressers are overflowing and you have 2 jeans that fit and shirts that “do the job” but don’t flatter you at all. They still need that adorable cardigan, especially because it matches one their dad has.

you long for a vacation (or even just an evening) away without the kids but when you finally get it, you worry about them the entire time and barely enjoy yourself.

most of your Facebook Profile pics are of your kids. I often don’t get dressed so…they’re cuter.

either you’re a disaster, or your house is. If I’m looking good, you can bet your ass my house is a mess. 

Do you have any “You Know You’re A Mom When” moments?

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  1. I could have written this myself!!! This is so me! Love it! You should publish this on facebook… I can def see it making the rounds!


  2. Love it! Especially the “me time” its amazing how I cherish those few moments I get in the bathroom each day.Speaking of it's 4:30 and I haven't even made it to the shower yet lol


  3. I was thinking this the other day “You know youre mom when you order Sesame Street Live tickets instead of Lollapalooza 2012 tickets”- that just happened to me haha

    p.s just realized I wasn't even following your blog so obviously you now have a new follower…ME 🙂


  4. Hahaha in my case we talk in the whispered voices so not to wake the children up! And we have definitely had to tell Landon “get your fingers outta your bum!” He's not potty training though, LMAO. Sex time happens while the kids are in bed or during Elmo's World. The end song is the warning that it's time to speed it up and get it over with! I promise you buying some clothing for yourself will come back…but not for a while…like until your child hasn't spit up for about 6 months hahaha. The last one, “either you're a disaster or the house is.” Most definitely the truest one. In my world, I'm usually the disaster. I do my make up literally one night a week and only because we usually go out.

    I love this post. So true. So funny.


  5. This is so so true!! I love clicking open our DVR to ALL kids shows…I totally feel like a mom then!! haha! Oh boy we are special women!:) I love it!


  6. You know you're a mom when you find yourself talking about poop all the time like it's no big deal! hahahaha


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