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I was bored yesterday…so…

 1. My super handsome, brooding husband.
2. Mr Potato Head Nolan.
3. Getting some snuggles in with my biggest while I can…


 1. Listening to tunes.
2. Feets!
3. He’s tired of my antics.

 1. Archer is helping me write.
2. Hanging out with ROBYN!
3. Tired, bored.
 1. Playing with the tab.
2. Heading out to fetch me a coffee (good husband)
3. Brooding again haha
 1. Just my face.
2. Archer!
3. Nolan, making a pathway out of books 😀
 1. Archer and I…big smiles 😀
2. My unimpressed face. 
3. Matt sneaking over my shoulder to help me with the slide show.
 I never get any pictures of us together so I stole the moment.
 …and I got bored…so…
 I ate him? Nom nom nom.

 (Also, a random photo of Nolan wearing Matt’s “tea cozy hat”, as my dad calls it).
Yesterday was pretty busy…Matt’s brother came down with his girlfriend for the afternoon and evening, so that was fun. I’ve never met her before, I was beginning to think she was imaginary but she’s not, she’s pretty cool so that’s great. 
Yesterday night was Kate’s rehearsal dinner, so Matt and I left around 7:30 for that. We car pooled with Jo and Shannon, and I got to see my dad for the first time in a month (he was on vacation, lucky guy). 
Kate’s rehearsal was fun, I had a few glasses of wine and after we got the wedding chats out of the way, I showed everyone what I have (so far) for the slide show. They liked it. Plus Kate revealed a secret disc full of pictures from our pole dancing experience – which I will not be showing. I honestly look like a pregnant pole dancer…uncool. I’ve got to lay off the nightly consumptions of chocolate and bags of chips…anyways, they liked the slide show so yay me (and Matt, cause he’s been helping me with it and will probably finish it if I’m being honest). We had to leave early though, Archer wanted the boob. Oh well! Life of a nursing mom 😉
And our weekend plans consist of…well, I don’t know yet. Hopefully something though!
Happy Saturday All

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  1. I am so very jealous of your hair. It's so long and thick. I once had long and thick hair. Then it started falling out in December. And it really hasn't stopped. Now all I do is notice beautiful hair. Your hair is so pretty. F U. LOL.


  2. Great pictures! I especially love the last one of you and Matt together, no wonder you have such adorable little boys!
    Glad they liked the slide show and you got to have a “night out”, even if you had to leave early for Archer.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


  3. My hair falls out a lot too 🙁 it used to be much thicker and fuller. Thanks though lol!


  4. I like that one too, although I do think *I* look a little silly. It's hard to take a good picture standing beside him, he's so hot lol.


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