Springtime Walks

This afternoon we got out for a little walk with the boys…

You can definitely tell spring is here, I’m already getting ticked off at my neighbors’ kids’ for waking mine up…
Not to mention, we’ve already had to start picking up gross garbage from around the dumpsters. Stuff that blows over from people overflowing it, and stuff that people drop when they use the trails…oh and all the lovely cigarette butts people litter around our front steps and “yard”. Seriously, one of the worst things about living here is the cigarette butts. I don’t smoke, yet I have to pick up after someone elses’ dirty habit? Or in this case, multiple people’s dirty habits? So uncool. If you smoke, dispose of your butts in a cleaner matter instead of just throwing them wherever you feel like. It’s disgusting and I don’t want my kids to touch it…and I don’t want to have to touch it.
Rant aside, it was a nice walk. My stroller is definitely super heavy though…I’m going to have to build up my muscles using it.
It’s supposed to be rainy and cold all weekend…which really sucks. Monday is supposed to be beautiful out. I’m excited for Monday, and not just for the sunshine but….Matt has an interview! It’s at a local welding shop. Please keep your fingers crossed that he gets it!
Happy Friday everyone!

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