A Losing Battle

I’m trying to love this place, I really am. Mainly because we’re staying here for the time being, and I don’t want to be absolutely miserable about that. And for the most part I’m not miserable. 
I love the [inside] of the house. I love the set up and the space and all that jazz. I do dislike that the paint is peeling in spots because the rental co did such a shitty job painting that there are air bubbles everywhere and my toddler loves to pick them. So does Matt.
So, that sucks.
Especially because they will charge you if you want to paint, even if the colours are neutral.
Everything is washy. Colours would make this place so much more happier. 
And I’m irritated by the “repairs” done around here. Horrible patch work, horrible paint jobs, quick and easy duct tap fixes…
The rental company basically hires idiots who have no clue how to fix or do anything. 
 Yeah. See that random screw sticking out? Just about cut my hand on it again.
Who does that?
I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle with the neighborhood too.
Every day, I’m out there picking up trash and cigarette butts, messes that we don’t even make.
People will walk down the path beside our house and literally throw their beer bottles at our house. There is broken glass everywhere. Nolan can’t go outside barefooted to enjoy the summer in a kiddie pool, and he can’t play on a tiny lawn because our lot is literally dirt. The pathway has been pushed quite literally right up to our doorstep. People walk right beside our door, practically touching our car. 
I want grass. I want them to push the path over, closer to the dumpsters because why the hell not? Why does our yard have to be the pathway, when they can just as easily make one closer to the dumpsters and just stay the hell off our lot
I’m afraid to let Nolan play here. I’m constantly hoovering. This area is dirty, so trashy. Mostly all of our neighbors here don’t give a rats ass, and litter and flick cigarette butts wherever they want whenever they want.
When I was a kid, my parents just had to open the back door and I could go outside and play all but unattended.
While I don’t want to just send Nolan outside unattended, I at least want to be able to let him explore without worrying about what unsafe, disgusting thing he could find. Glass, cigarette butts, garbage, etc.
Ugh. I’m going to be having a nice heart to heart with the property manager tomorrow morning, letting her know that we’re not happy with the state of this neighborhood and demanding that they sod our “front yard” and push the path over, or better yet…close it off. People can’t stop chucking their beer bottles and cigarette butts at our house, so they shouldn’t get to use it. 
Am I right?!

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  1. Ugh. I don't miss property managers. Yes, you're right. About it all. Hope they resolve some of these issues in a timely manner for once.


  2. I called this morning, with not even HALF my complaint list. I was focused more or less on the outside. They won't put grass down (which is BULLSHIT) but she's gonna look into blocking off the pathway, since it's not a legit fire escape. So, small victories.


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