Facebook Blog Page Link Up Party: Week 1

I was super slow on the whole “Facebook blog page” uptake. I didn’t want to create one, and I didn’t think it would help my blog out in any way shape or form. Then I decided, one day, after a major fit of boredom, that it wouldn’t be all that terrible to make a Facebook page for my blog, especially because of all the rumors that Google Friend Connect was going to disappear {it didn’t, and hasn’t yet, but still}. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, and I do think it’s helped my blog grow a little bit. It’s better helped me to connect with my Fevered Readers and friends too!

My friend, JD, and I had an idea to start up a strictly Facebook link up, since I haven’t seen any around the web. I mean, there are tons of great blog hops where you can link up your Facebook blog page {or business page!}, but nothing strictly towards celebrating the Facebook page! So, we decided to start one up! Depending on it’s success, or lack of success, it could be a weekly thing!

So, the “rules” {which are more like guidelines, but still}:

1. Submit your Facebook page URL to the linky! Your Facebook page should link back to your blog, or your shop, unless of course you just want more Facebook friends for your regular Facebook…whatever the reason, it just needs to be your Facebook URL.

2. Travel around and “like” other peoples’ Facebook pages. It helps to leave a quick note of “hello!” Remember…it only works if you like other peoples’ pages too! {Including mine and JD‘s haha}.

3. Display this button somewhere on your blog by pasting the code in, or simply right click and save to your computer to upload to your Facebook wall. If you’re doing it the second way, don’t forget to add a link in the “photo description” or comments section leading back to this post so other people can join up. {I realize I didn’t explain this bit very well, sorry everyone!}.

Pick Up The Button Here!

And there you have it! Have tons of fun discovering new Facebook pages.

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  1. Hi Erin! You just copy and paste that code right there into a blog post in the HTML option (beside compose) or you can add it to a widget on your sidebar by going into layout/formate and adding an Html widget, then copying and pasting 🙂


  2. Hi Michelle! Thank you for joining our link up. I visited your blog, and honestly I think it's great! Love your writing and your photos! If you're asking about layout/etc, it's been a while since I used WordPress and I'm not sure you can fiddle with the layout as much as you can on Blogger. Blogger allows you to change your font, header, background…basically everything whilst WordPress only offers those options if you pay for a hosting. Personally I think your blog is fantastic as is! I've liked your page on Facebook!


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