It’s Friday…thankfully. I’m not normally one to be all like “OMG it’s FRIDAY!” and have a mini party, because the weekend is basically the same as the week with Matt off work, but today I’m definitely feeling a case of the TGIF’s.

young and restless

I always look forward to Fridays’, because of Christa’s Restless Blog Hop. It’s basically the only blog hop I participate in. It’s tons of fun and I’ve discovered so many awesome blogs that I love to read.

Now for a little about me, if you’re new to my blog. My name is Jessica, I’m going to be 23 this June. I have two wonderful baby boys; Nolan {who just celebrated his third birthday} and Archer {who is six months old}. My boys are incredibly different from one another, they are like night and day! My experience parenting Archer has been 100% different than my experience with Nolan, thus far. I sort of expected that things would be kinda like the first time. Nolan has always been a fairly good sleeper. Archer, on the other hand, wakes up multiple times through the night and can be pretty difficult to get to sleep, often only wanting to sleep in someone’s arms. He’s starting to get better but every now and then he’ll relapse. 

Some Tidbits:

+ I’m seriously no domestic goddess. I’m ashamed to admit that it’s been 6 months and I haven’t yet taken both boys grocery shopping by myself. In fact, I haven’t been grocery shopping by myself in a ridiculously long time. My husband, Matt, is a pretty fantastic guy and he handles the grocery shopping, and cooks most dinners. I’ll cook too, but I’m lazy and if he’s around I totally leave that job to him 😉

+ Matt, has been off work since October so we divide and conquer. I depend on him a lot, and it’s going to be a shock when he goes back to work full-time {hopefully soon! He’s had several promising interviews}. So, stay tuned for some crazy OMG THIS IS HARD posts!

+ Matt and I have never been on a vacation together. Our honeymoon consisted of going to a hotel for two nights and basically sleeping the entire time. I daydream of the day we can [afford to] get away on a vacation. Even if it’s just to a bed and breakfast for the weekend!

+ I’m terrified of spiders. Even the “little” ones. They grow big!

*For more about my family and I, check out my pages!

This week, I’ve been dedicating more and more time to not only blogging, but promoting my Facebook page. I tried Google Pages for a while but I really prefer Facebook pages, since everyone and their grandma is on Facebook. Anyways, please head on over to my Facebook page and click the like button! It would certainly make my day! If you have a Facebook page you’d like me to “like” in return, let me know and I’ll do so!

Also…because I’m feeling rather uncreative, if you’re a new Fevered Reader {or a regular Fevered Friend!}, feel free to ask me a question that you’d like to know in the comments for a quick answer. I know it can be daunting finding a new blog and catching up on the happenings!

Happy Blog Hopping Friends!

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  1. First, my hubby and I didn't go on a honeymoon either! I regret the fact that we didn't!

    Second, I'm a new follower!

    Third, I see you are dabbling in the possibility of cloth diapers! We love it and I'm learning to be more consistent with it!

    Hope you have a great day!



  2. Hi Samantha! Welcome and thank you for the follow! I also regret that we didn't have a honeymoon. At the time, my oldest son was 15 months and I was hesitant to leave him for a week. Now I regret that, because having two makes it so much more harder to contemplate leaving! Plus it's more responsibility to whoever has to watch them.

    Thank you and I hope you have a great day too 🙂


  3. Just think jess, when both boys are much older and you two are much better off you can take a two week honeymoon anywhere you like. lol thats what we are thinking 🙂


  4. Oooh, a question, huh? Okay, what's a parenting thing that you said you'd never do–and have you done it? I've just discovered that blog hop myself; feel free to pop over to if you ever want to read a teeny tiny story.


  5. Truthfully? I used to be “that parent”, you know, the one with a huge “I WILL NEVER DO THAT” list, and I've done most of it. I didn't want to yell at my kids, (done it), and I especially didn't want to give them McDonalds (done it).

    What about you?? I'll head on over and check out your blog now 😀


  6. Firstly, HI! We are instagram buddies (was dont_hold back but I just changed my name to holly_sunshine).

    My husband and I are planning our honeymoon/first vacation 4 1/2 years after we got married. It's a now or never moment for me – I live in Florida for crying out loud and I can't even manage a weekend at the beach!!

    My husband works over 65 hours a week so I am doing 99% of the raising of our daughter by myself. It's tough and I hate it but it's what we need to do as a family =(

    Well hope to talk more in blogworld!



  7. Yay to instagram buddies!!!

    When Matt goes back to work, we're hoping he'll be working overtime too for a while. Things have been rough and we need to play catch up. It's going to be hard doing everything on my own, but it'll be hard for Matt too! Being the primary breadwinner can't be easy, especially with small children, I can't go out and get a job because that job wouldn't even BEGIN to cover daycare costs 🙁

    I'm excited to see your blog! Heading over now!!! I'm sure we will talk more in blog world, not that I have your blog URL 😉


  8. Thank you for the blog hop help! It's nice to meet you. I love finding new blogs and yours seems great!


  9. Ryan and I seriously need to get away too…we did 3 nights in Toronto for our honeymoon. It was nice but we haven't so much as gone out for a meal together alone since. Definitely have to get this on our list of priorities!

    P.S. I go grocery shopping for like a few items but never for a big shopping trip without Ryan. It's way too hard! Allie is such a super mom eh? Haha.


  10. Our honeymoon was literally 15 minutes away and if we wanted to eat, we either had to order something or come all the way back to town. I can't wait to get away for a weekend, truly get away 🙂

    I'm also super glad to hear that I'm not the only one who avoids grocery shopping with two kids at all costs haha


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