She’s At It Again

I’m at it again…and I’ve changed my URL and blog title. I’m acting on a whim here; as I usually do. I was going to just make a new blog but that takes a lot of time and effort, Blogger has this handy option to just change your URL and blog title, so I took advantage of that changed the URL and blog name already.
You may be wondering why I’m switching stuff up {again}, and I’ll try to explain quickly because The Childrens are demanding my attention {go figure}. I didn’t feel that Notes of Life & Love could grow with us, with me. I’m not always going to write about shitsplosions and toddler temper tantrums. Some day pretty soon, my kids will be older and not want me to post all about their happenings.
So, I’m changing things now, because it’s easier than waiting a few years. I’m still going to blog about those shitsplosions and toddler temper tantrums, but this will allow me space to grow as a writer and just…myself. I keep forgetting that I’m not JUST a mom.
The Fevered Pen depicts exactly how I write, with intense, nervous excitement. I love words, I love writing. I’ve always written this way and I always will.

The title/url switch was the easy part. Since I’m hopeless with templates and JD is currently unable to help me out, I’m going to have to shove together a temporary header and blog button. Everything else will remain the same. 

So, let me know what you think! I’ll be back in a bit to fix the header etc. Right now I need to tend to one cranky, hungry baby.
But I promise I have a shitsplosion post coming soon!

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  1. Right, because it'S not like you know anybody else that could help you with blog design. ;-P

    And I like that you change blogs ever so often. It reminds me to put new batteries in the smoke detectors. 😉

    Welcome home.


  2. HAH! Hope you change those smoke detectors stat 😉 and by all means, you're welcome to design me something if you'd like 😀


  3. That makes perfect sense. It's most of the reason I moved from — which has since been taken over by some Russian, oh no! — to; while the moniker “elizawhat” was a lot of fun, I was quickly growing out of it. (Plus, people were always mispronouncing it and calling me Eliza. Sigh.)

    I love the reasoning behind your new URL. I love that you write like that, too. I also like that Google lets you change the name and URL without having to move things around. They're pretty flexible, I'll give 'em that; I recently had to change the Astrid and Dante blog from my elizawhat@gmail account to my current account, and it was super easy to transfer ownership.

    Enjoy your new title!


  4. Thanks Elizabeth!!! I knew you'd get it haha! As you know, I've been toying with this change for a while and just DID it because I was tired of waiting for “the right moment”, when is the right moment? It's a blog. I'm not famous with it, and my loyal readers will stick around no matter what the name 😉


  5. I am going to be honest. I hate that your changing things AGAIN. lol.
    I liked Notes Of Life & Love. Just because thats what you write about. Your life, and the the things you love. I have been debating changing my blog all up, but no way. I am one of the most dramatic mama's I know. lol. Can't give that blog name away. IT'S MINE I TELL YOU! 😛

    Sorry I can't help with the layout. Stupid in between moving and shit. I will be up and running in a few months, until then, clearly you have someone who is probably more talented then me. lol. 😛 And I am just not into, what did you say to me? A joust fight to the death or something? lol. 😛


  6. Haha, but you said the same thing when I switched from The Bottle Chronicles, remember?? Growth is good. Same old gal, same stories, same blogging. Different name 😉

    And yes, a gladiator battle would have been interesting 😉


  7. I'm really liking the new blog title. You do seem to like change, but hey, I think change is good!


  8. Oh gosh! So I hadn't checked up on your blog in my feed reader for a couple of weeks and when I did there were no posts! Kind of freaked out for a second there! Not sure why my feed reader didn't update but glad you're still around and blogging!
    I like the new name – I actually first thought of the Fevered Pen being like a crazy, busy household which I guess works for you too! But I like your meaning behind it 🙂


  9. That does work for me too!! LOL! Yeah I don't know why it didn't update in people's readers…I kept my google account associated with Notes so yeah :S that's odd! And thank you haha 😀


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