This Year’s Summer Bucket List

Parenting is far from easy, but saying it’s totally worth it is a complete understatement. Sure, I get a little bit envious seeing how different my kid-less friends’ lives are {shots on a Saturday night, opposed to folding laundry and comforting a teething baby are just a few prime examples}, but honestly? I am enjoying myself so much. I’m enjoying watching my boys grow. I’m enjoying watching their bond grow. I’m enjoying the silly things Nolan says to me, and the sweet baby smiles Archer gives me.

It’s hard to pin point exactly what I love most of parenting. The sleep deprivation definitely doesn’t make the list, however…I think one of my favourite things is; seeing both of the boys with their daddy. I am so blessed that Matt is such an amazing dad. I’ve been told over and over again, by blog/twitter/facebook friends alike, that I’m lucky, and I know…I am.

Matt has many things that he will not do or can not do. He can’t handle baby poop, it literally makes him throw up, but he can handle Nolan’s dirty diapers without batting a lash. He hates social situations as much as I do, so he doesn’t enjoy going to the park unless I’m there too. I’ve only ever got him to attend the play group at the EYC twice, and he had a miserable time both times because there was just so many people and kids there. But he will get up a billion times at night with Archer so that I can sleep. He can rock and put Archer to sleep quicker than I can, and he handles any Nolan wake ups without my knowing too. He’s pretty rad that way. Right now, he’s off work so he can do things like that for me. I know that when he goes back to work he probably still will too. Matt is alive at night, while I’m comatose and alive during the day.

I’m so glad that Matt’s one of those dad’s that seriously loves playing with his kids. When we visited his family at the property last summer, he spent the entire time running around with Nolan, exploring. He took such great pride in showing off the family property, taking Nolan swimming and just watching his son experience all the things he did as a kid.

We’re both looking forward to this summer so much. Nolan is older now, and I’m a little better versed with the infant stage {and not massively, uncomfortably pregnant like last summer}, so we’re planning on spending a lot of time camping at the property. I’m so excited. Matt’s so excited. His favourite memories involve camping and the property.

I can’t wait for summer to be here, I’m so looking forward to many camping trips and adventures hiking.

Last year, I wrote out a bucket list for summer. Unfortunately, due to money/being massively pregnant {and lazy}, we didn’t get around to crossing off much on our list, but we’re really going to try this year! No more lazy pregnant mama excuse. Now I just have the money excuse haha. Luckily, most of the things on my list are pretty inexpensive.

The Fevered Bucket List:

1. Go on at least one family hike. This will be a little hard for me, so I don’t plan on it being a super long or complicated one. Just a hike to a nice picnic spot. 
2. Go camping. This will be easy, because Matt’s family’s property is GREAT for camping. There’s a lake, a beach, tons of forest/wooded area, and best of all…a trailer we can sleep in! All for free, too. Well, sans groceries and all that jazz.
3. Actually attend this year’s Heritage Festival. Last year we didn’t go because we didn’t want to waste the money with Nolan “too young” to really enjoy it. This year, he’s not that young and there are several kiddie rides that he’ll enjoy. Even if we just go to sight see, and to spend a little time walking around/going on a few rides, that will do!
4. Weekend trips to the beaches/waterfronts in town. Last summer we had so much fun wading in the water, and playing at the waterfront.
5. A weekend get away trip for just Matt and I…I think we’re a little overdue for one. We haven’t had a weekend to ourselves since our wedding, 2 years ago this July! 
6. Take Nolan {and Archer} to see fireworks on Canada Day. He’s only ever seen fireworks once, at Auntie Kate’s. Last year, both Matt and I didn’t want to face the shadflies at the waterfront. This year, I’m determined to experience it…even if I have to wear one of those mosquito suits.
7. Take the boys to the zoo. Peterborough zoo, although quite far away, offers free admission. Luckily it’s not that far from family, so we can visit family and go to a zoo with the boys!

8. Go to a water park when visiting family down south. Technically, there’s no need for a water park up North, what with all the lakes. But I still really want to go, and there’s a super awesome family friendly one I want to hit up at some point. It’s not massive and expensive like Ontario Place, it’s more or less aimed at families with young kids. 

9. At the end of summer, have a couple’s photoshoot done of Matt and I. Just because we don’t have many professional photos together. I think it would be awesome to do one at the fair grounds down south.

What are you looking forward to most about this summer? Do you have a summer bucket list?

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  1. YES YOU ARE COMING TO PTBO ZOO!!! Jolena and I are planning on going as soon as she gets a vehicle on the road for herself!!! 🙂

    I am going to make a dramaticmama summer bucket list!!! 🙂


  2. Yes I shall, but I'm not sure when. I'll probably go in June, when I'm down for a hand specialist appointment. I hope Jolena will have a car by then cause I don't think Matt is going with me and I don't have room in mine {unless I borrow my dads mini van…hmmmm….}


  3. I recently made a summer bucket list too.

    AWWW Archer is sitting up on his own in the one pic! Matt does sound very helpful and I'm glad for you 🙂


  4. I think the bucket list for summer idea is wonderful. Seriously, there are so many things I say we should do, but I forget or just put it off. Having a list would cement things a little more 🙂


  5. That's what I found too!!! Last year it wasn't much help because we didn't get around to crossing things off, but I'm determined this year. I've put realistic things up there, not “shopping spree at Ikea” or anything lmao.


  6. If I weren't so tired of winter, I'd be excited for you lol! I do look forward to sledding, building snow men and snow forts, ice skating, the winter festival in Ottawa, hot chocolate, warm nights cozy on the couch reading a good book while the snow falls, and a billion other things NEXT winter though. 😉


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