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This week has been very busy. It’s had it’s ups and downs, and while I seriously enjoyed the ups I’m thankful that the down days have passed.

Monday was Nolan’s birthday, and I’ve already photobombed my blog with pictures!

Tuesday was freezing out, like snow on the ground freezing. I wasn’t impressed. I’m SO ready for summer! For sunshine and beach trips! Because it was so cold, the boys and I had a super lazy jammies day. Archer also tried peas for the first time ever, and he loved them. He gobbled up the bowl super quick and wanted more. Nightly snuggles with Daddy were amazing {as always} and Archer even went to bed “early” so that Matt and I could watch Game of Thrones together. {We had to pause it because my friend called from Alberta and I hadn’t heard from him, other than Facebook, since like my birthday last year.

Wednesday was pretty great. The boys and I went on a playdate with my friend and fellow mama of two boys, J. We went to Value Village and then caught the tail end of play group, went back to my house for some lunch and a chat.

Thursday was pretty uneventful, we played on the floor a lot and Archer has actually started trying to get that little bottom of his up in the air for the crawling stance! I’m super excited about that. Nolan has this new thing where he freaks right out whenever Matt leaves, especially at night. Even if he’s sleeping, he’ll wake up and cry, so Matt has taken to telling him he’s leaving. “Just going to a friend’s house buddy! Be home soon!” and Nolan will say “ok daddy!” Well, Thursday night, I guess Matt took too long to leave so Nolan called for him and when Matt came upstairs he said “Daddy! GO! I wanna say goodbye to the car go beep!” haha. While Matt was out and the kids were sleeping, I sat down to watch Greys Anatomy and ended up bawling my face off.

Friday I got all dressed up real fancy for play group, but we didn’t end up going because I had a seriously sucky morning and just couldn’t make it out the door in time. Instead, Matt and I took the kids to the mall after lunch. We needed supplies from Walmart, and who doesn’t love a jet around the mall? I took some stalker pictures of Matt returning from the car after ditching our groceries {and of Nolan’s super excited face when he saw Daddy returning}.

We walked around for a bit and I checked out my favourite baby store ever, a little mom and pop shop in the mall. They carry tons of Melissa & Doug products, maternity wear, and everything else you can think of. Their prices are kind of steep though…I was checking out the maternity wear because I’d really like some nursing tops/dresses, and I fell in love with one adorable summery pink shirt that was seriously adorable, but it cost over 50 bucks! I totally can’t justify that, especially when other stores have t-shirt sales, two for ten bucks etc. I inquired about cloth diapering and the store owner was super nice, educating my uneducated {in cloth diapering} self on everything. Turns out no stores in town carry gDiapers or GroVia, the brands I was originally interested in, but the store owner enlightened me on the fact that I wouldn’t really be saving money by buying inserts. She pointed me in the FuzziBunz direction and another brand {Bumbiz? I’m not sure}. Both are super adorable, and I asked about the stench Tierney mentioned in my last post and apparently that is a sign that you need to strip your diapers or something? Anyways, I’m pretty much sold on it but I need to come up with a lot of moneys to get started. So, that might not happen for a while. We’ve got a lot more on our list of priorities, and since one cloth diaper basically comes to one box of disposables…for the time being we’ll have to put my cloth diapering desires on hold.

After I checked out the store and got the flood of cloth diapering information, Matt and I headed to People’s to get our rings cleaned. The afternoon kind of sucked. Spousal disagreements suck so much but we overcame it, like we always do. The early evening was much better, we spent a good 20 minutes – the four of us – cuddling in our bed tickling the heck out of each other. It’s seriously adorable watching Nolan try to tickle Archer, and Archer laughs hysterically at Nolan every time he so much as glances in Archer’s direction.

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  1. I love looking at weekly phone pic posts. 🙂

    Cloth diapers are awesome. I bought my via eBay and it was cheap, when we have another baby, I will be ordering more, and the second baby will only be cloth diapered (hopefully).


  2. My last couple of weeks have been chaotically busy too, I am so looking forward to this coming week of doing NOTHING. I can't justify spending $50 on a sundress either. I'm seriously SO cheap…I love yard sales, Kijiji, and eBay. Haha. If you do end up cloth diapering, I'd love to hear what you think.


  3. I wish I had done that. SIGH. Oh well…at least I could save a little bit of money in the long run.

    And I love looking at weekly phone pic posts too!


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