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This morning I went grocery shopping for the first time ever by myself with both boys. For 7 months now, Matt’s done the grocery shopping – just because it’s SO much easier running out without the kids to get the shopping done. Now that he’s back to work full-time and we were TOTALLY out of like everything, I decided to brave the grocery store solo with the boys after dropping Matt off for work…

I took a line from Allie {one of my ideals because she handles everything so smoothly, and she’s a mama of THREE and could tackle 3 at the grocery store sooner than I could tackle 2 haha}, and wore Archer in the carrier while Nolan rode in the cart. This…was awkward. Mainly because Archer is too big for the carrier that we have, so it wasn’t very comfortable for either of us but it had to do since we don’t have anything else {and car seats basically take up ALL cart space}. Once I get a better carrier, I’m sure that won’t be an issue anymore. Archer chilled the whole time, and Nolan helped me load the grocery cart.

I was a little scatter brained, so I forgot a lot on my list but I have to go to Walmart later on today anyway, so I’ll just grab all the stuff that I missed then.

I was mostly worried about the whole getting purchases into the car, getting kids into the car, and all that jazz. I parked right beside the cart station thing, and that made it slightly easier. I left Nolan in the cart behind my car and in front of another while I loaded the groceries into the car, then I quickly put Archer in his car seat {since I cannot lift Nolan with Archer in the carrier}, and then it was Nolan’s turn. Putting the cart back was obviously easy so that’s good.

My face after I finally got in the car:

Exhausted but happy/relieved that I did it! I only have the car for today, so I’m hard pressed to try and fit all my running around in. I hit up the grocery store first because the rest of the day wasn’t possible without buying some food, and after lunch the boys and I are headed over to the other side of town to pay rent, buy coffee from the warehouse place, and get some diapers and other things I forgot at the grocery store. Then we get to pick up Matt and maybe when we get home I could have a nap because I’m already exhausted haha!

As for the potty training updates…I don’t want to jinx things but…

We introduced a potty chart. Blue smilie faces mean that he peed in the potty, two blue smilie faces in one square means he pooped in the potty. Three blue smilie faces in a row = a treat, and poops = automatic treats. Red sad faces mean an accident in the underwear….as you can see, no accidents on the first chart! He’s halfway through the second chart and it’s all blue smilie faces too!

We’re still putting diapers on him at night, and when we run out but only because I haven’t been able to buy a mattress protector and those little blue absorbent pads you see at hospitals {which all my mama friends recommend for car seats etc}. When he wakes up, the diaper comes off and he pees on the potty. When we get in from our outing, the diaper comes off and he pees in the potty. After we got home today, his diaper was dry so I’m positive that he’ll be pretty good with outings once I get those absorbent pads.

I’m really proud of him, I know that accidents are probably gonna happen on occasion but he seems really excited about this pee chart thing and he’s doing amazing. So that’s a win! Hopefully by the time we leave for down south, he’ll be fully potty trained {although I’m totally gonna have him wear a pull up, just because 4.5 hours is a LONG TIME and we’re gonna be driving at least for 3 hours before breaking, since the nearest/easiest access rest stop is 3 hours into the drive…}.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to today/yesterday. Oh, and the gorgeous JD from Dramatic Mama gave me a blog makeover yesterday, and a Facebook Page makeover! She gave me some snazzy social networking buttons {which actually prompted me to update my never updated Google Plus page…well kinda. I will probably forget to update it again, so it’s better to “like” my Facebook page to stay up to date} Pretty nice, huh? I’m loving our new look. If you want to have a blog makeover, hit up JD!

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  1. I know how you feel with the two at the grocery store thing! So tough! I hate it so much that I try to go very early on Saturday mornings! If I tried to take them both during the summer and deal with all the tourists I would lose it! Aahhhhhh. So hard.


  2. I remember all to well (and fondly) the joys of juggling a toddler and an infant in the grocery store. 🙂 Glad you made it!


  3. it's hard for me to go to the grocery store with just one, i cant imagine two! you go girl!


  4. We also sorta live in a tourist town, and during the festival it's ridiculous…I'll just make sure I plan around when Matt can go in that case LOL!


  5. I was too, it is an adjustment for sure! I definitely recommend a good carrier or sling for shopping, since the car seat takes up SO MUCH cart space that there's really no point in going LOL. I need to get a good carrier for this to be more effective lol.


  6. I would hibernate just like you. Even with just Dustin, I don't like doing groceries alone…in fact I don't like going anywhere alone with him. lol. I am not sure how I will handle two. 0.0

    I am scared to start potty training. I really have 0 patience for that. Guess I need to get me some chill pills…oh wait they don't sell them – coke slushies it is! lol.

    Thanks for the shout out. I am glad you like your new stuff. I thought you were going to hate your header. lol.


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