Facebook Blog Link Up Party Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Facebook Blog Link Up Party! This is a strictly Facebook link up. If you have a Facebook page associated with your blog, please join in our link up party!

So, the “rules” {which are more like guidelines, but still}:

1. Submit your Facebook page URL to the linky! Your Facebook page should link back to your blog, or your shop, unless of course you just want more Facebook friends for your regular Facebook…whatever the reason, it just needs to be your Facebook URL.

2. Travel around and “like” other peoples’ Facebook pages. It helps to leave a quick note of “hello!” Remember…it only works if you like other peoples’ pages too! {Including mine and JD‘s haha}.

3. Display the button in the following ways:
a) Paste the code into a blog post (using the HTML option instead of compose) or place into your blog’s side bar.
b) Copy and save the button, then upload it to your blog’s Facebook page with the link to this post so that other people can come visit, see what the link up is about, and join in the fun!

{Please let me know if these instructions are confusing and I will try to help you out further!}

Pick Up The Button Here!

And there you have it! Have tons of fun discovering new Facebook pages.

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