New [to us] Furniture!

Matt’s step mom is moving, and she offered up one of her couch sets to us as we wanted a new set and she doesn’t have room for it. She wouldn’t take any money for it, just Matt’s help while she moves, so that makes it even better!

Today Matt and his friend, S, moved two of the three piece couch set to our house. Originally I wanted the love seat and our old white couch downstairs in the basement but the love seat wouldn’t fit down the basement stairs! They haven’t picked up the couch yet because they couldn’t get it out without taking apart Matt’s step-mom’s front door, so they decided to wait until she was around (this weekend).

Right now, that’s what stuff looks like. Matt wants the couch upstairs, so we’re going to move the love seat into our bedroom (it should fit up those stairs, since they aren’t boxed in like the basement stairs), and we’ll have to move the chair over more (and possibly move the book shelf) in order to get everything to fit. I am excited to have more sitting space for guests, and more comfortable seating for us. The chair, couch and love seat feel like you’re sitting on a fluffy cloud! Only it doesn’t suck you in to couch-land, haha. Firm yet soft? I don’t know.

I’m pretty stoked about this, I’m sure my regular Fevered Readers’ remember all those times I blogged about my need/want to get new couches, or a couch for the basement, and now I have them! Free!

Yup, doesn’t take much to make this mama ridiculously happy haha. This will count as my mother’s day present, since they’re a bitch to move – lots of hard labor. So thank you Matt! And thanks to Matt’s step-mom, and S too! 

P.S. ALSO a big thank you to JD for the blog makeover! What do y’all think?!

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  1. Great blog make over AND the couches look FABULOUS! What a nice treat in light of Mother's Day weekend approaching. More pics of your ferret yes?


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