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young and restless

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Oh Friday…what an insanely exhausting day it has been. I don’t even have a reason for disliking today so, other than it failed to be stress-free. I know I shouldn’t blame today, Friday, it’s not Friday’s fault that it wasn’t stress free…but still. Balls.

Today had plenty of promise. I woke up in a [fairly] good mood. Exhausted, but good. You know it’s going to be a trying day when you stumble around for an hour, completely unfocused and just exhausted from the moment you get out of bed. Even a coffee didn’t wake me up. But still, I forced myself to get dressed and all done up for play group…it’s been over a week {possibly even two} since we went, and I figured I owed it to Nolan who kept asking every single day if we were going to group.

We arrived late, of course. But I’m trying not to let time and being late determine my anxiety level before I even get there. I felt myself winding up to not go under the mere thought that it could already be jammed packed, and then what would I do? Panic and leave, as I hate being around overwhelming amounts of people I don’t know. Numbers. They wreck havoc on me. I did a couple breathing exercises and tricked myself into thinking we’d be on time, and we left.

Thankfully, it wasn’t busy when I arrived. Just one mom and her son, followed by a dad and his son immediately after the boys and I got settled. I relaxed. More people came, several of which I didn’t know but I kept up with my breathing exercises and tried to relax. I was polite and made conversation instead of hiding in the corner. Go me!

Of course, we left gym early because I was famished. I really need to pack a snack for myself too {one that I’ll actually eat, anyway. I’m sorry Nolan but your Ritz cheese crackers hold no appeal to me}. And when I got home, I couldn’t relax because my kitchen was a mess, which was another reason I started off today full of anxiety, but I didn’t want to clean it before play group because we were already late. I should have done it last night but both kids were so restless in their sleep that I didn’t want to breathe too loudly, let alone wash dishes. That task aside, I started to stress about all the usual stuff. Groceries, money, all that stupid stuff. I can’t get through one day without working myself up about it.

BUT THEN, good news happened! Matt has another interview and a weld test on Monday, for the shop that is his number one choice. So please please please keep him {and us} in your thoughts/prayers/whatever you do on Monday.

After that, I calmed down a bit and we did the whole lunch thing and a little bit of lazy time on the couch so I could catch my breath. After I had a tea and regained some kind of energy, we decided to go outside and then go for a walk. So, that was nice.

Friday hasn’t been a total fail but I’m definitely exhausted and already ready for bed!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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  1. Good for you for going to play group. And good for Matt for scoring a job interview! Good luck to Matt!


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