Snippets from Sunday

Sunday was gorgeous, the sun was shining and it was warm out. There was a slight breeze but it really wasn’t chilly at all. Summer is in the air and it tastes like sweetness and victory! I have survived another Northern winter.

We all had such fun, on our walk and at the access beach. We stopped at Tims for a coffee, then continued walking to the access beach…Matt and I chatting happily about the upcoming summer and the awesome camping trips we’re going to take as a family, and Nolan eating ALL of the icing off the cinnamon bun we bought him.

Matt also started talking about his plans for a cottage. One day, when the funds are there, we’re allowed to build on the family property. A little cottage for when we go up. I’m so excited, although the actual cottage we want to build probably won’t happen for MANY years {Matt is planning on building us a little “sleeping cabin” for now, though}.

My imagination is spiraling out of control with ideas for a dream cottage for that day when we can build a dream cottage. I don’t need or want anything massive, just something comfortable and sweet, with a little galley kitchen and a small bathroom {I don’t link out houses or peeing in the bush haha}.

I love the idea of bunk beds built into the wall, like this:

I also love the idea of a loft bedroom for Matt and I…a sweet little oasis away from the kids!


And who can resist a deck facing the lake? Morning coffees would be all that more sweeter. I know I’m dreaming big, but can you blame me? Dreams are supposed to be HUGE.

In all seriousness, I can’t wait to go to the property this summer and really enjoy it with the boys. I saw this picture on Pinterest and it made me think of my boys growing up, getting to spend a lot of the summer months at the property – just like I had my grandparents’ cottage growing up. It brought a HUGE smile to my face.

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  1. My parents (loaded) friends have a cottage with pretty much everything you described. They have a loft master bedroom, bunk beds built into the walls on the first floor, a deck overlooking the lake. Also they have a sleeper cabin and a sauna. Wish I was rich! Haha.


  2. LOVE the first picture of Matt & Nolan- totally frame-worthy! Also, camping & cottages are my favorite part of summer!


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